The 100

Juvenile prisoners from a space-station society are exiled to Earth decades after the planet was destroyed by nuclear war.

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The 100 Mega Buzz: Motherhood Will Change Clarke, But How?

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Thirteen Season 3, Episode 7 Mar 3, 2016 $2.99

While Lexa struggles to maintain peace between the clans, Clarke uncovers a strange, game-changing truth. And a flashback takes us into the darkness of humanity's past.

Hakeldama Season 3, Episode 5 Feb 18, 2016 $2.99

Clarke's hope for peace is dashed by a new threat. Raven become a target. Meanwhile, Murphy is running a dangerous con.

Watch the Thrones Season 3, Episode 4 Feb 11, 2016 $2.99

Clarke discovers the mastermind behind a devious plan, while Kane struggles to keep the peace. Meanwhile, Jasper's grief drives him to reckless behavior. BRENDA STRONG guest stars.

Wanheda: Part Two Season 3, Episode 2 Jan 28, 2016 $1.99

Bellamy and Kane risk life and limb to rescue Clarke. In an attempt to avoid worrying about her daughter, Abby focuses on whether to open Mount Weather as a medical facility.

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The 100 Stars Reveal What's Next for Bellamy and Clarke in Season 5
01:04 — Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley discuss the (romantic?) future of Bellarke
The 100 Cast Predicts Who Will Die in Season 5
01:21 — It could be everyone, knowing this show