Sesame Street

A landmark series set in an ethnically diverse urban neighborhood where every day is a sunny one. It features songs, skits, animation and, of course, Muppets to teach preschoolers basic educational and social concepts. A public-television gem that's older than PBS itself, 'Sesame Street' debuted in 1969 on National Educational Television. Since that tim (more…)

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Sat, 11:00 am

Elmo's Good Luck Charm(Season 50, Episode 12)

Elmo loses his lucky baseball card before a game of tee-ball and says he can't play without it. But when Abby, Alan and Rosita tell him that all he needs to do is practice, Elmo learns that he can play even without his lucky card.


Sun, 11:00 am

The Great Fruit Strike(Season 50, Episode 11)

Elmo, Zoe, Alan, and Big Bird sing songs about how much they like the fruits.


Mon, 11:00 am

A New Friend on Sesame Street(Season 50, Episode 13)

There's a new friend on Sesame Street when Charlie moves into the neighborhood. Her parents were in the military, so they moved around a lot. Now Sesame Street is their new home. Elmo and Rosita show Charlie around and she learns that Sesame Street is a pl (more…)

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