Did you know there's a way to fun and be creative while also keeping yourself and others safe during the coronavirus pandemic? If you're getting bored of DIY masks made from bandanas and old T-shirts, or if Disney characters, Marvel heroes, and Baby Yoda aren't really your style, maybe it's time to invest in a mask that will help you represent your favorite show on grocery store runs.

Whether you're hoping for a mask that will help you channel your inner Gilmore girl or one that will convince people you recently paid a visit to Pawnee, there are a lot of options for you to peruse, no matter what your TV preferences are. (As a fair warning, Etsy notes that fan made masks available on their site are not medical grade, so take precaution.)

Disney Is Selling Face Masks Featuring Star Wars and Marvel Characters

Check out some of our favorite masks below.

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Hamilton Face MaskHamilton Face Mask

This Friends mask, selling at Hot Topic for $10.43, will be there for you. It's currently available for preorder, so you should take the opportunity to grab one for yourself, and maybe a few for your friends, too.

Channel your inner Alexis Rose with this Schitt's Creek-themed mask, which you can snatch up from PortsideProper on Etsy for for $14.99.

Can't pick just one character from The Office you want to bring around with you everywhere? PrintPaw on Etsy has you covered, literally, with this very fun mask that features some of your favorite Dunder Mifflin employees, including the one, the only Prison Mike. Grab this one for $14.99.

There's no easy way to drink coffee while wearing a face mask, but you know Lorelai and Rory would at least give it a shot. This Gilmore Girls mask is going for $12.50 at StuffandthangsStore. At the same Etsy shop, you can find a lot of TV-themed masks, including a Parks and Recreation one featuring Pawnee's favorite miniature horse and a Grey's Anatomy mask that will help channel the medical spirit.

Go ahead and blast off to another dimension, or at least pretend you are, when you wear this Rick and Morty face mask, which can be purchased from Bmound's Etsy shop for $16.99.

This Stranger Things mask from FigueroaCustoms costs only $10.00 and it probably won't even get you lost in the Upside Down.

Don't we all kind of wish we were Lisa Simpson, being poured an endless cup of coffee? This Simpsons mask from CandyRamen on Teepublic, selling for $12.00, can help with that.

In the age of social distancing, there's never been a better time to embrace your TV pals. Beautiful Peace Shop has a few different variants on Golden Girls masks, and you can buy them for $14.99 each.

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(Disclosure: Links to retailers may earn money to support our work.)