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Wyclef Jean's presidential ambitions may have hit a snag: The Haitian-American hip-hop star's name is not on the list of approved candidates for the upcoming election in his native country, according to Reuters.

Wyclef Jean announces candidacy for president of Haiti on Larry King Live

Jean's absence from the list is likely because he doesn't satisfy the legal requirements to run in the Nov. 28 election, particularly the requirement of Haitian residency, Reuters said. Jean left Haiti with his family for New York when he was 9 years old and now resides primarily in New Jersey.Jean is one of 34 hopefuls who filed documents with the Haitian electoral council earlier this month, according to Reuters. But an unidentified member of the council told the news organization that Jean's name is not currently on the approved list. The council was expected to publish the final list Friday.

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In a statement to TVGuide.com, Jean said he is "is cautiously optimistic" about rulings on his candidacy, but he remains focused on increasing global awareness of the challenges facing Haiti."Regardless of what's going on with my candidacy, I feel like it's my duty to keep reminding the world that ... this is not just a Haitian crisis; this is an international crisis," Jean said. "We may be a country and people of great resilience and with a deep reservoir of hope, but we can not reconstruct Haiti alone. We need the attention of a world that cares for humanity and the dignity of a race and culture. For far too long ... Haiti has held its hands out for charity and pity, but the corrupt government abused the international financial committees that came to the country's aid. This will be no longer acceptable under my leadership."The former Fugees singer, who became an official Haitian ambassador-at-large in 2007, announced his intentions to run for president on

Larry King Live earlier this month. At that time, Jean claimed he met all requirements to run for the office and said his priorities included improving education and rebuilding the earthquake-ravaged country's infrastructure, as well as focusing on security, jobs and health care.Do you think Jean would be a good leader?