Question: What was the name of that heartbreaking song at the end of eppy 2 of The Sopranos?

Answer: Ah, Kristine, such modesty. You didn't even mention how quick you are with the clicking, answering my Watercooler call to post this question and being the first to do so. (It's almost enough to make me forgive your use of the term "eppy.")

That song a truly beautiful, sad piece, ain't it? is Moby's "When It's Cold I'd Like to Die," and you can find it on two of his collections, Everything Is Wrong and MobySongs 1993-1998 (both Elektra/WEA). And for those of you wondering if that was Annie Lennox handling the vocals, close but nope. It's Mimi Goese, a singer and teacher, and you can find out more about her here.