The best new show of the summer has arrived with the debut of Pop TV's Florida Girls. If an eccentric buddy comedy about a group of friends struggling to accelerate beyond their meme-worthy Florida roots isn't quite your thing, there's also a thrilling Netflix action movie starring Captain America alums Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo and a docuseries about legendary music producer Rick Rubin out this weekend.

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1. Florida Girls

Pop TV's (American home of Schitt's Creek! Saver of One Day at a Time!) latest foray into original programming is as delicious as shotgunning an ice-cold 40 in the deli parking lot with your friends on a hot summer day. A loving ode to friendship set in the Sunshine State, Florida Girls takes four high school dropouts stuck in (the double-wide trailer side of) Clearwater and sets them on a path where they're forced to think about their futures. Created by The Mick alum Laura Chinn, who draws on her own experiences growing up saturated in peak Florida Man energy, Florida Girls is shaping up to be one of summer's most enthralling shows.

2. Point Blank

If you're like me, then you LIVE for press tours where the cast seems like they actually might be best friends. One of the best interview circuit friendships? Anthony Mackie and Frank Grillo from Captain America: Winter Soldier. They're taking that sizzling off- and on-screen repartee to a new Netflix thriller called Point Blank. Mackie plays a nurse who is blackmailed into helping a career criminal, played by Grillo, escape not just the hospital, but also the rival gangs and crooked cops who are coming after them. A fairly basic formula sure, but as a we all know, Grillo and Mackie have more than enough odd couple chemistry to knock this one out of the park.

3. Shangri-La

Academy Award-winning documentarian Morgan Neville (20 Feet From Stardom, Won't You Be My Neighbor?) is back at it with a four-part docuseries for Showtime. This time he's focusing on the prolific career of Rick Rubin, the legendary music producer who dreamed up Def Jam Records as an NYU student in 1980s. He's shepherded some of the biggest names in hip hop (Public Enemy, Beastie Boys), as well as added his signature minimalist production style to every genre (Adele, Slayer, Tom Petty, etc.), and I guarantee that even if you're unfamiliar with his name, you've bopped to hundreds of his tracks over the last three decades. An unusual look at an elusive genius, Shangri-La takes you behind the scenes of Rick Rubin's infamous Malibu studio and the music he makes within it.

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