If you feel like you've been pounded over the head with news lately, it's because you definitely have! Comic-Con delivered a ton of entertainment morsels, from TV and movie trailers to Disney releasing its plans for world domination to those panels that finally addressed some of the fans' most burning questions, there has been a lot of sift through. And even though the fun in the San Diego sun is done, there's still a whole lot more to talk about on the small screen scene. Let's take a look at some of those stand-out — for better and for worse — moments from the TV scene this week.

Most gutting goodbye: Is it safe to talk about Veronica Mars Season 4 yet? Hulu's revival episodes came a week early, so if you still haven't gotten through it, consider yourself warned (and, also, it's probably best to go ahead and mosey on to the next paragraph). For those who are still reading ... how are you holding up right now? If the answer is "not well," you are in good company. That loss was truly tragic, and now we're totally wondering whether it's worth bringing our favorite small screen sleuth back for more.

Sweetest swag: Imagine being a massive Supernatural fan who gets to hang out in the audience for the very last show panel at San Diego Comic-Con. That would be an awesome enough experience alone, but then top that off with the chance to speak directly to Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, and Alexander Calvert about the final season. Now we're in extra great day territory, right? Well, for one lucky fan, there was even more icing on the cake on Sunday, when the Winchester brothers themselves chose her (via raffle) to take home the sweetest swag imaginable: a replica of the show's prized Impala, Baby. That's a score that's pretty hard to beat!

Most meme-able scene: The Season 2 (and probably series) finale of Big Little Lies was, um — well, it just was. There's no doubt that the creative controversies that came to light have dampened this bonus season, but after the initial excitement of seeing Meryl Streep doing Meryl-y things wore off, it became kind of a drawn-out shrug. The fact that it ended on a cliffhanger didn't help matters either. The good news for those who tuned in on Sunday night was that the meme game was absolutely on-point, especially when it came to Renata's (Laura Dern) epic train-smash session. Here's a small sampling of the internet gold that came along after that long-overdue moment of reckoning.

The least exciting survival story: Fear the Walking Dead's midseason finale might've seen its heroes flying, but that doesn't mean it ended on a high note. There have just been too many storylines centered on the survivors shambling around lately, especially since the stakes don't seem to be very real for anyone involved anymore. So, they got that plane up and running in the nick of time — who could have possibly seen that miraculous escape coming in a season when nobody's died yet?

The gut-wrenching flashback: The 100 dug deep into Echo's (Tasya Teles) history this week, and through those glimpses of her childhood we learned that the character was not originally named Echo, but rather Ash, and the person whose moniker she now uses was once her best friend, whom she had to murder to pass a loyalty test from Queen Nia (Brenda Strong). It was a devastating revelation which explains a lot about why the assassin is the way she is on the show.

Best head trip: TVLand's Younger got wonderfully weird this week as Liza (Sutton Foster) headed to a micro-dosing retreat where she ingested some LSD, which caused her to hallucinate an elaborate dance routine with both Josh (Nico Tortorella) and Charles (Peter Hermann) that gave the Broadway vet an excuse to show off her many moves.

The most surreal farewell: Netflix's seventh and final season of Orange Is the New Black is here, and whether or not the show's final bow lived up to our expectations (read our review to find out), it's still going to be very tough to leave the ladies of Litchfield for good.

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