The Walking Dead is gearing up for Season 10, and cast and producers took their annual trip to San Diego Comic-Con to unveil the first trailer for the new season and announce a premiere date, Sunday, Oct. 6 on AMC. Here are some notable moments that happen in the trailer:

The Whisperers. Alpha (Samantha Morton) reminds the Alexandrians that the Whisperers are always watching to make sure no one crosses over into their territory. If anyone gets caught on the wrong side of the border, they'll start a war. Daryl, (Norman Reedus), of course, crosses the border like it ain't no thing. Someone gets caught, and Alpha says they have to be punished, which means something very gruesome is about to happen to that poor person. "Bitch has to die," says Carol (Melissa McBride), presumably after finding out about this punishment.

Negan. Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is free from captivity, and seems sort of entertained by Alexandria's response to the Whisperers, because it reminds him of when they were afraid of him. "People are gettin' their s----in' pants back on," he says. Daryl still doesn't like him, and threatens to kick his ass if they ever go toe-to-toe. Negan doesn't want to fight, he tells Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), he just wants to "pick tomatoes and bury corpses" at Alexandria, but Gabe tells him to join Aaron (Ross Marquand), who needs fighters. Negan is impressed by Aaron's new prosthetic mace, though. And Negan is definitely going to fight, but he also might be back to his old ways; he's smiling as he's about to beat a cowering victim with a crowbar.

The Walking Dead Season 10: Everything We Know So Far

Daryl. Daryl is spending quality time with Connie (Lauren Ridloff), and chilling with Carol, who, in the trailer's most fun moment, roasts him for calling her his "best friend" as if they were 10 years old. They fantasize about going out west and starting over, but that doesn't seem in the cards for them. For better or worse, they are who they are.

Oceanside? There are numerous shots of a beachfront operation that seems like it may be a scavenging mission back in Oceanside's territory. That community seems to have been absorbed into the other communities and scattered, but maybe they left something valuable behind on a shipwrecked boat. The survivors have some very cool spiked shields as they go medieval on some zombie asses.

Michonne. In the last shot of the trailer, Michonne (Danai Gurira) wields Lucille in a shot that recreates what Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) saw before Negan bashed his skull in. It's probably a fantasy sequence where Michonne grapples with the horrible things she has to do to keep her people safe and whether it makes her as bad as Negan. She also KISSES CAROL'S EX-BOYFRIEND EZEKIEL (Khary Payton) WHAAAAAAT.

The Walking Dead Season 10 premieres Sunday, Oct. 6 at 9/8c AMC.