The Hills are alive with the sound of thirst tweets.

On Monday night, MTV debuted the first episode of The Hills: New Beginnings, and fans of the original mid-aughts teen reality drama were given a lot to think about throughout the revival premiere, like "How dare anyone do that to Natasha Bedingfield's 'Unwritten'?" and "Who could've predicted that Speidi, of all couples, would be the one to go the distance?" and "Do we really miss LC here?"

One thing that really seemed to surprise and delight audiences was the return of Audrina Patridge's combat boots-on-the-beach former beau Justin Bobby (real name: Justin Robert Brescia), her on-and-off boyfriend from the original show's era whom she decided to catch up with. Right off the rip, Justin Bobby came ready to sizzle, greeting her in French and smizing in his seat as he talked about riding Harleys and being ready for a long-term romance.

Patridge has been through a lot since she last saw this man, and yet the two still seemed to have the same chemistry that made them one of The Hills' most watchable couples right away. Justin Bobby even slipped in a racy little mystery when he teased that he had the upper hand — and other body parts — on her ex-husband by saying, "To be honest, knowing you longer than he has, and doing things he's probably never done ... I feel like we know each other on a different level." Yow!

Patridge might've been a bit reticent to accept his overtures, and she put him right back in the "friend" zone, but the internet immediately fell in love with Justin Bobby again and shared their collective thirst on Twitter.

The Hills: New Beginnings airs on Mondays at 10/9c on MTV. The Hills is available for streaming on MTV.

Justin Bobby on <em>The Hills: New Beginnings</em>, Season 1, Episode 1Justin Bobby on The Hills: New Beginnings, Season 1, Episode 1