Do you feel like celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month the binge-watching way? Maybe you just want to brush up on your Spanish while watching some TV. CNET en Español's editorial team has put together a list of shows and movies in Spanish so you can add subtitles to your streaming regimen.

The list is made of mainly original and exclusive content from streaming platforms such as NetflixAmazon Prime, and HBO Max. Netflix is by far the service with the most Spanish-language titles on it. With shows such as Club de Cuervos, Narcos, and the hit Money Heist, the Los Gatos-based company has a leg up in the international content wars. Though Netflix is not the only one in the game anymore, newer streaming services like Apple TV+ and Disney+ still have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to producing Spanish-language originals.

CNET en Español's list includes titles from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and also plenty of American productions and bilingual content, in case you want some options to ease you into the language. Keep in mind that not all Spanish-language streaming options are equal, but the industry is living in a Peak TV-moment of high quality content comparable to what you're used to in English. 

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Most of these are series, although you will also find documentaries and movies. And even though most of the recommendations were produced during the last five years, we've also added a couple of throwback classics.

¡Jarana! (*Watch Money Heist to find the meaning)

Taco Chronicles

Watch it on: Netflix

<em>Taco Chronicles</em>Taco Chronicles

Taco Chronicles is like Chef's Table for Mexican food lovers. Its new season started Sept. 15 and is as delicious and beautifully produced as the first. Our only beef with it is the narration style. A talking taco, really? –Gabriel Sama [CNET en Español Review]

Mucho Mucho Amor

Watch it on: Netflix

Walter Mercado, <em>Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado</em>Walter Mercado, Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado

Imagine a blend of Oprah, Liberace, and Mr. Rogers, and you'll get a pretty good picture of Walter Mercado, the Puerto Rican actor turned astrologer who, at the peak of his career, reached over 120 million viewers daily. His eccentric — and at times sad — life is at the center of Mucho Mucho Amor, a documentary film streaming now on Netflix. –Laura Martínez [CNET en Español Review]

Mozart in the Jungle

Watch it on: Amazon Prime

<em>Mozart in the Jungle</em>Mozart in the Jungle

This dramedy is mainly in English, but you can get a taste of how to swear in Spanish, thanks to Gael García Bernal's outlandish character. In Mozart in the Jungle, the actor plays the new conductor of the New York Symphony, who thinks music must be played with blood. –Patricia Puentes [CNET en Español Review]

Foodie Love

Watch it on: HBOHBO Max

<em>Foodie Love</em>Foodie Love

I call this one the list's Art House TV Show. Independent filmmaker Isabel Coixet directed this HBO series about a couple of foodies who live in Barcelona and start dating. Foodie Love will make you very hungry. It will also make you long for the days when traveling was an option. –Patricia Puentes [CNET en Español Review]

Money Heist

Watch it on: Netflix

<em>Money Heist</em>Money Heist

When it comes to shows in Spanish, we cannot leave Money Heist out. It's a fast-paced story about a group of misfits trying to steal billions from Spain's mint, all while being cool and sexy. Romance is also in the mix. No wonder Stephen King is a fan. –Patricia Puentes [CNET en Español Review]

The Platform

Watch it on: Netflix

<em>The Platform</em>The Platform

The Platform is a complex science fiction movie in which the audience tries to figure out what's true and what's not, while a gritty survival story is developing before their eyes. Some will see it as an acrid critique of an ideology or economic system like capitalism or socialism. –Jován Pulgarín [CNET en Español Review]


Watch it on: Netflix


The Oscar-winning Roma is a gorgeous black-and-white film based on director Alfonso Cuarón's memories of his childhood in 1970s Mexico City. Roma tells the story of Cleo, a Mixtec woman who is the emotional backbone of a middle class family in the midst of personal and social turmoil. –Gabriel Sama [CNET en Español Review]

The House of Flowers

Watch it on: Netflix

<em>The House of Flowers</em>The House of Flowers

Don't underestimate Manolo Caro's comedy about a dysfunctional and extremely posh family from CDMX. The House of Flowers is a love letter to the LGBTQ community with an educational message. It's also a sexy and feminist show where Cecilia Suárez gets to unleash her many talents. –Patricia Puentes [CNET en Español Interview with Manolo Caro]

I'm No Longer There

Watch it on: Netflix

<em>I'm No Longer Here</em>I'm No Longer Here

Many films try to offer a window into different cultures, but few deliver like I'm No Longer Here. Based on the Kolombia subculture in Monterrey, it follows Ulises to NYC. Through his style and musical taste, Ulises tries to express himself in a foreign land and leave his violent past behind, something easier said than done. –Gabriel Sama [CNET en Español Review]

El Ministerio del Tiempo

Watch it on: TVE via Sling

<em>The Ministry of Time</em>The Ministry of Time

In a world where time travel is possible, there's a secret Ministry of Time in Spain that fights those who dare to tamper with history. Historical figures like writer Miguel de Cervantes, painter Pablo Picasso, feminist activist Clara Campoamor and even Hitchcock have made appearances in El Ministerio del Tiempo, a case-of-the-week drama with the right amount of fantasy. –Patricia Puentes