The Bachelor's "Women Tell All" special is the place where scores are settled and legacies are cemented. Most of the eliminated women reconvene to discuss the season in a conversation moderated by Chris Harrison — and by "discuss," I mean "scream over each other."

It's an opportunity for the women to make a final impression and put the finishing touches on their Bachelor narrative. So who made the best of it, and who threw away their shot?

We broke down the winners and losers of Monday's "The Women Tell All."


Chris Harrison and Corinne, <em>The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison and Corinne, The Bachelor

Corinne's not even someone people love to hate anymore. Now people just love her. In her showdown with Taylor, the crowd sided with her bigly in their "Make America Corinne Again" (a phrase that doesn't even make sense) segment. She humanized herself by explaining that she calls Raquel her "nanny" because it would be disrespectful to call her a "cleaning lady," since Raquel is more than that to her. Raquel is Corinne's rock — she took care of the family when Corinne's mother was battling ovarian cancer.

Every crazy thing Corinne does makes people love her more. She's become so popular that people don't care that she was just as wrong in the beef as Taylor was. She has more Instagram followers than Vanessa. We've created a monster. But she gave everyone cheese pasta, so it's cool.

Chris Harrison and Liz, <em>The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison and Liz, The Bachelor

When she was on the show, Liz Wasn't There for the Right Reasons, since it looked like she wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with Nick until he became the Bachelor, and no one likes a fame-seeker. But we learned a lot more about who Liz really is — a humanitarian and a feminist who built strong connections with the other women even though you'd think they would dislike her for what she did. And she admitted that once she was actually on the show, she was like "what am I doing?", which shows she's not delusional.

Chris Harrison and Kristina, <em>The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison and Kristina, The Bachelor

Some Russians love America! Kristina is the total package: strong, poised, intelligent, beautiful. Her story is incredibly moving, and the amount of hardship she has overcome while staying positive is inspiring. There wasn't a dry eye in the house or in living rooms across America when we all relived her journey. Seeing how much the other women love her proves that she's the real deal. This guy gets it:

Speaking of women the other women love, nobody got more love than Rachel, the next Bachelorette. She's so good at this. Even her reunion with Nick went smoothly. She gave the credit to Nick for making her a believer in the process. He said "thank you," and she immediately, fake-sternly said "you're welcome," cracking them both up. It was like, "I appreciate what you've done, but your time is over. It's my turn now." She's going to be a great Bachelorette.

Chris Harrison, <em>The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison, The Bachelor

Chris Harrison
Big Daddy Chris has been almost nonexistent this season. There are episodes in which he doesn't even appear. So the "Women Tell All" was his chance to remind everyone why he's been the host since day one. No one can be so solemn and such a goofball at the same time.


Chris Harrison and Taylor,<em> The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison and Taylor, The Bachelor

Taylor just can't stop taking L's, man. She took an L when Nick chose Corinne over her, and she took several L's at the "Women Tell All." First she couldn't get any meaningful support from the other women when making her case in the fight between her and Corinne. Then the crowd turned on her when Corinne was super rude and walked offstage to get a glass of wine during Taylor's time in the hot seat. Then she apologized to Corinne for saying she wouldn't be her friend outside of the show, and Corinne didn't apologize to her. Hopefully Taylor doesn't do Bachelor in Paradise, for her own sake. She's not cut out for this.

Chris Harrison and Nick Viall, <em>The Bachelor</em>Chris Harrison and Nick Viall, The Bachelor

It's not Nick's night, so the fact that he didn't make much of an impact isn't a surprise. But he came off as little callous at times. When Dominique said that she expected he'd be more empathetic after being dumped twice on The Bachelorette, he said "I tried my best," which is a conversation-ender. He couldn't explain why he did the things that he did to the women. To be fair, they were asking him to explain why he felt his feelings, which is impossible.

Josephine may actually come out of this a winner, as she's probably going to Paradise as Corinne's sidekick. But her vehement, borderline obnoxious defense of Corinne was not a good look. Not only is Corinne indefensible, she doesn't need anyone's help defending herself. Since Corinne doesn't believe that Corinne ever does anything wrong and does not acknowledge criticism, she's untouchable. Oh God, America really is Corinne again. Josephine is her Kellyanne Conway. Also her black lipstick looked weird.

Danielle M., <em>The Bachelor</em>Danielle M., The Bachelor

Danielle M.
Danielle M. showed up wearing that and still failed to make an impression? Poor Danielle M. She's just too darn nice for The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Season 21 finale airs Monday, Mar. 13th at 8/7c on ABC.