The Masked Singer has been both a bonafide hit for Fox and a really good time; either in spite of or perhaps because of a constant barrage of terrible news as of late, watching celebrities including Chris DaughtryJesse McCartney, and Joey Fatone on the show week after week has been a source of real joy for three seasons. 

As much fun as it's been to watch the heads get yanked off the celebrities and marvel at the gorgeous costumes, it's sometimes easy to forget The Masked Singer is more than a family-friendly guessing game, but also a singing competition. Indeed, some of the competitors are truly outstanding, and the show has done a sometimes shockingly good job of stuffing the competition with a balanced menu of B-listers (oh hey Bret Michaels) and real musical superstars (Chaka Khan, for starters). In its three seasons, The Masked Singer has been the forum for some pretty mind-blowing performances — sometimes from the same singer. Can you remember where you were when you saw Flamingo blow the roof off the place, or Rottweiler stun everyone with his gorgeous voice?  

The Masked Singer's Costume Designer Teases What We'll See in Season 4 

While we await what's to come in The Masked Singer Season 4, let's take a look back at the best performances, and suss out which performance is the best of all time so far. 

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Nick Cannon and Chris Daughtry, The Masked SingerNick Cannon and Chris Daughtry, The Masked Singer