Tamera Mowry Tamera Mowry

Reality star Tamera Mowry recently told Oprah that the worst incidents of racism she's ever faced have come from the Internet.

Mowry says she's seen countless offensive comments directed towards her, particularly in response to her marriage to Adam Housley, who is white. "It's hurtful, because my husband and I are so open and fine with showing love, but people choose to look past love and spew hate," the former Tia & Tamera star said on OWN's Oprah: Where Are They Now?. "That's what hurts me, because I've never experienced so much hate ever in my life. Ever."

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Mowry became emotional as she explained that she's been called a "white man's whore," and that other commenters have made references to slavery when offering their thoughts on her marriage. She tells Oprah she was especially shocked by the hatred because she and her twin sister Tia are the products of an interracial marriage themselves.

"I couldn't even fathom or think of these words, because I'm a product of it," Mowry says. "My mom is a beautiful black woman and my dad is an amazing white man, and I grew up seeing a family."

Mowry and Housley were married in May 2011 and have a 14-month-old son, Aden.

Watch Mowry's interview below: