Suge Knight's day in court has finally come — and on Thursday he pleaded "not guilty" to all of the charges related to his alleged hit-and-run incident earlier this year, according to CNN.

The rap mogul was charged with the murder of Terry Carter, who was run down by Knight's car in a Compton parking lot earlier this year. He's also facing charges of attempted murder on the other man (Cle Sloan) in the parking lot that night and one count of hit-and-run.

Graphic video shows Suge Knight's fatal hit-and-run

Knight's bail is set for $10 million, down from the original $25 million, which his lawyer said was "excessive." According to Knight's attorney, boxer Floyd Mayweather has said he'll post Knight's bail if he wins his fight against Manny Pacquiao this weekend. (Mayweather disputes this.)

In January, a dispute on the set of the upcoming biopic Straight Outta Compton lead Knight, Carter, and Sloan to a Compton burger stand. At some point Knight allegedly got into his car and drove it into the two men. A security video shows the incident.

Despite being offered immunity by the prosecution, Sloan declined to identify Knight as the attacker from that night because he says he didn't want to be "a snitch."

"I will not be used to send Suge Knight to prison," he said, according to KABC.

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