Killer Karaoke Killer Karaoke

He's not just a Jackass anymore — now Steve-O is making amateur singers do the crazy stunts. On Killer Karaoke, contestants hoping to win up to $10,000 attempt to carry a tune while enduring extreme physical challenges — getting shocked with electricity, attacked by a pack of dogs or dunked in a snake-filled tank. Steve-O tells us why we need to catch Killer.

TV Guide Magazine: I've got time to watch one more show. Why should it be yours?
Killer Karaoke is a refreshing and much-needed kick to the balls of singing-competition shows and probably the most important addition to your schedule.

TV Guide Magazine: Who should watch?
Those tickled by the misfortunes of others, so pretty much everyone.

TV Guide Magazine: Give us an equation for the show.
American Idol meets Fear Factor, with lots of the scary side effects mentioned at the end of stupid prescription-drug commercials.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the best thing anyone has said about Killer Karaoke?
The New York Times called it "the greatest show in television history." As hilarious as that is, it's really not a joke.

TV Guide Magazine: What's the worst?
"An exercise in people sacrificing their dignity and well-being to be on television, representing a new low for the depraved and ever-devolving medium." That was me.

TV Guide Magazine: Who was right?
Both statements are pretty spot-on, but mine may be a bit less subjective.

TV Guide Magazine: If you weren't hosting this show, what series would you most like to star in?
Hoarders: The Yard Sale Special.

TV Guide Magazine: What's your favorite karaoke song of all time?
"Sailing," by Christopher Cross.

TV Guide Magazine: Cast your dream celebrity edition of Killer Karaoke.
Steve-O: Geraldo Rivera, Martha Stewart, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh and that Imus dude.

TV Guide Magazine: How will your show change the face of TV as we know it?
The face of TV now has acne and looks way dumber.

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