Less than three months before Snowfall's third season premiered, the series' co-creator John Singleton died in April after suffering a stroke. And though they'd lost one of the driving visionaries behind the FX drama, the cast and crew continue to honor Singleton's memory through their work on the L.A. crime series and by keeping the lessons he taught them alive.

Speaking to TV Guide, Michael Hyatt, who portrays Cissy Saint, said, "John Singleton taught me to have the courage to say no, to have the courage to say yes to yourself, even when you are surrounded by a bunch of nos."

Angela Lewis, who plays Aunt Louie, also took some of Singleton's personal wisdom to heart, saying that he helped her to "be more Detroit," which means "to stand in your power. Be in your power, move in your power. You have it right there. Be there."

John Singleton, Boyz N the Hood Director and Snowfall Co-Creator, Dead at 51

For co-creator Dave Andron, Singleton's perspective on storytelling continues to influence his approach on Snowfall, which has been renewed for a fourth season. "He understood the impact and power of moments, to really zero down on those moments, those big-impact things," Andron explained. "Whether that be something shocking or emotional ... you could see him get excited as soon as he heard something or thought of something, and he immediately knew the power that that was going to have with an audience. I will always, always keep that in mind."

Singleton received two Oscar nominations for writing and directing 1991's Boyz n the Hood, his directorial debut. He has since received several Emmy nominations for his small screen work, including directing a key episode of The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

"It was great because being a consummate movie director, he knew how to step outside the box," said Walter Mosley, a consulting producer and writer. "In television, you're trying to stay in it. ... It was really wonderful to have his kind of genius impact what we're doing, which is one of the reasons why the show looks so good."

"He had so much joy and he brought so much fun with him wherever he went," said Carter Hudson, who plays Teddy. "He was always having a good time. He lived for the moment that it went just right and would sort of weed through [the times that it didn't]. 'Well, that take was garbage, and that one was garbage, but oh man, that one was [good].' And then [he'd give you] the fist bump, and he was so happy. It was like, oh right, you could be more like that."

Snowfall airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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