Tom Welling Tom Welling

Smallville's Tom Welling didn't make his Comic-Con debut donning his super new wardrobe as some had expected, but fans did get a glimpse of a certain superhero's costume during the show's Season 9 trailer.

Clark Kent will suit up and take a huge step toward his destiny on the CW series, as evidenced by a fleeting, shadowy image capping the video sneak peek.

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Another familiar aspect of the Superman myth this season? The dynamic between Lois Lane and Clark/Superman.

"Lois will be smitten with Superman — and still find Clark irritating," said executive producer Kelly Souders, according to E! Online.

Is this the season that Clark opens his eyes to his reporter pal? Yes. But "just as Clark falls for Lois, she's falling for someone else," said exec producer Brian Peterson.

Lois will have extra time to juggle her complicated relationships, since Erica Durance is booked for a robust 18 episodes this season (after just 12 last time around).

Other reveals reaping much applause from the filled-to-capacity crowd:

• Tom Welling is directing two episodes this season, while Allison Mack will also step behind the camera again.

• Fan fave Geoff Johns ("Legion") will pen another episode this season — one that concerns the Justice Society of America.

• Green Arrow might get a super sidekick.

• In the villains department, in addition to Metallo (Brian Austin Green) and Major Zod (new series regular Callum Blue), Toyman will return, and the villainess Roulette might make an appearance.

• Despite Lex Luthor's continued absence, Superman's arch enemy "is absolutely not dead," Peterson said.

Smallville airs Fridays at 8/7 CT this fall, premiering Sept. 25.