ABC just can't quit Roseanne. Negotiations for a potential spin-off focused on Darlene (Sara Gilbert) are currently moving forward, bringing the potential new series even closer to becoming a reality.

A source told People that "some important progress has been made in discussions about a reboot revolving more around Darlene's character," but that "there are still issues to hash out."

One of the main roadblocks is securing a way to proceed with the spin-off while ensuring that Roseanne Barr isn't involved in any capacity or profits from the project. Roseanne was canceled in May after Barr wrote a racist tweet about a former Obama Administration official (Barr later claimed she didn't know the official was black, was on Ambien at the time and was actually trying to speak out against anti-Semitism). But it appears as though Barr may be willing to step away from the potential new series in order to save the jobs of the cast and crew involved with ABC's Roseanne revival.

Sara Gilbert Speaks Out About Roseanne Cancellation

"As of now, she has agreed, at least in theory, to forego any creative or financial involvement in the spinoff to help save the cast and crew jobs," People's source said.

Roseanne was ABC's biggest hit of the season, and fans began clamoring for a Darlene-centric spin-off shortly after the cancellation so if the network can work out a deal, the decision seems like a no-brainer. There are also reports that ABC is nearing a deal for a spin-off on the similarly blue class family sitcom The Middle, which wrapped up earlier this year, focused on the daughter Sue Heck (Eden Sher).

Roseanne was originally supposed to air Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC this fall. As of now, they haven't yet announced what will replace it. But hey, it sounds like they'll have options.