If Psych: The Movie left you wanting more, then 2019 is officially your year: The sequel to the 2017 film is well on its way, according to series star James Roday.

The follow-up movie was confirmed earlier this year, and Roday recently told TV Guide that the cast had officially wrapped production on the sequel. Details regarding the mysterious new plotlines are obviously still very much under wraps, but there are a few details we've been able to glean thanks to cast interviews, photos, and press releases.

Here's everything we've got so far on the Psych: The Movie 2...

It's debuting at the end of 2019. In addition to telling TV Guide that production had wrapped, Roday also revealed the sequel would drop this holiday season. Block off the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving and Christmas so you can celebrate your holidays with Shawn and Gus (Dulé Hill)!

Timothy Omundson is back. When Psych: The Movie was first announced, Omundson, who plays fan favorite character Carlton Lassiter, was hospitalized after having what he called "a wee touch of the stroke." Thus, he was unable to play a large part in the first movie. This time around, though, Omundson is in good health and was able to return in all his Lassiter-y glory for the new movie.

There will be a two-year time jump. Dulé Hill confirmed to TV Guide the film won't be picking up right where the last movie left off. "We continue in real time, so we see where Shawn and Gus and Jules (Maggie Lawson) and Lassie — where they are now," he said. "We see exactly what has happened over these past two years we haven't seen them."

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Joel McHale and Jimmi Simpson will guest-star. Omundson teased that Joel McHale will be a "very special guest" in the sequel on Twitter. USA's character description for McHale calls him "a mysterious character from Lassie's past." Meanwhile, Jimmi Simpson shared his involvement in the sequel on Twitter, with a video teasing his return as Dr. Marion "Mary" Lightly. Considering Mary is technically deceased, we can't wait to see how he returns this time! Another dream sequence, perhaps?

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Things are getting spooky. The official synopsis for the movie seems to hint that Shawn and Gus might have to take on some actual supernatural goings-on this time around. It will pick up with Lassiter getting ambushed on the job and left for dead, but when he begins to witness impossible happenings in his recovery clinic, obviously that's the cue for Shawn and Gus to step in. In this case, they'll have to navigate "the personal, the professional, and possibly the supernatural."

There are potentially more sequels in the works. Executive creator and producer Steve Franks revealed to TV Guide that when he pitched the first movie, he already had five more movies planned out for the future.

"I steered it right towards doing one [movie], and I realized by saying something over and over maybe I could talk it into existence. So I thought if I can talk into existence one, maybe I can talk into existence six," Franks said.

One can only hope.

Psych: The Movie 2 will debut on USA this fall.

Dule Hill and James Roday, <em>Psych</em>Dule Hill and James Roday, Psych