Anyone who tells you aliens don't exist is a fat liar, and finally someone on television other than that weirdo "It was aliens" guy is here to help us spread the truth about the existence of our intergalactic neighbors. Game of Thrones' Aidan Gillen stars in History's upcoming Project Blue Book, a drama about real UFO investigations by the Air Force in the '50s and '60s, back when our species was still worth it for extraterrestrials to be curious about.

The first extended trailer is a two-minute journey of Gillen's character J. Allen Hynek initially doubting the existence of UFOs and then telling anyone who will listen that there are aliens out there deforming children and tearing up our Air Force. The stories are pulled from the actual declassified files of Project Blue Book, a military program that studied the existence of unidentified flying objects based on eyewitness accounts. However, the series will be more about government cover-ups than little green men, so don't expect to see the Washington Monument blown up.

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Robert Zemeckis, director of Contact and Forrest Gump, is behind the show, which is the latest from the network that continues to teeter on success with historical dramas after initially being dominated by black-and-white footage of WWII. Vikings is great and will conclude its fifth season later this year, but military drama Six was canceled after two seasons and Knightfall had a lukewarm debut when it premiered late last year.

Project Blue Book does not have a premiere date yet.