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NCIS fans proved that they're happy to take a detour to the Big Easy, making NCIS: New Orleans one of the most-watched new dramas on television.

Over the summer, headed down to NOLA to see what the show had in store. Check out all the videos from our set visit below.

We quizzed stars Scott BakulaCCH PounderZoe McLellanLucas BlackRob Kerkovich, and guest star Joe Spano on their knowledge of all things New Orleans — from the Saints to the Sazeracs, with a little bit of French thrown in for good measure.

How well does the NCIS: New Orleans cast know the Big Easy?

We also helped the cast work on their French/Creole pronunciation, so they can order a muffuletta sandwich or find their way to Tchoupitoulas Street.

NCIS New Orleans: How to speak the language

How does the cast do with our quiz?

Creator and showrunner Gary Glasberg took us on a tour of the show's set — and inside the eerily realistic morgue!

NCIS: New Orleans creator Gary Glasberg takes us on a set tour

Find out his favorite location

Find out how the cast of NCIS: New Orleans got charmed by the Big Easy and how the latest NCIS spin-off sets itself apart from its predecessor.

NCIS finds a new home in New Orleans

And CCH Pounder explained how she prepared for her coroner role by visiting an actual morgue. But could she get Rob Kerkovich to do the same?

NCIS: New Orleans: Meet Loretta and Sebastian

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