Allegiance, NBC's knock-off of The Americans, has been bumped from the Thursday lineup, the network announced Friday.

Starting March 12, Dateline: The Real Blacklist will air at 8/7c, leading into The Blacklist at 9/8c. The Slap, which currently airs at 8/7c, will take over Allegiance's former timeslot at 10/9c.

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NBC News' Richard Engel will host Dateline: The Real Blacklist, a spin-off of Dateline that will "focus on conspiracy-themed investigations and crimes that involve larger-than-life perpetrators and circumstances." The first episode of Dateline: The Real Blacklist will share the story of Alexander Litvineko, a former Russian spy and businessman who was poisoned to death in 2006. Future episodes will feature the Pink Panther Gang, an international jewel heist ring; and John McAfee, a former antivirus pioneer who is a person of interest in the murder of Gregory Faull in Belize.

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