Frankenstein Frankenstein

It's aliiive! Well, it could be.

NBC is developing a modern-day remake of Frankenstein, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project comes from House executive producers Garrett Lerner and Russel Friend for Universal Media Studios and BermanBraun. Universal Studios owns the property rights to Frankenstein, among other classic monsters, like Dracula and the Wolf Man.

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has been adapted for the small screen before in two forgettable TV movies in 1973 and 1993, but not as a series. The classic Mary Shelley novel is perhaps best known for its film adaptations, most notably the 1931 James Whale film starring Boris Karloff, the "Universal monster rally" films featuring Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, and the Wolf Man in the '40s and Mel Brooks' 1974 spoof Young Frankenstein.

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