Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart Joey Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart

It's no easy feat to reach 100 episodes of a show and Melissa Joan Hart certainly understands how lucky she is to do it for the second time in her career with ABC Family's Melissa & Joey.

"I have been blessed to have lightning strike [twice]," she tells "Clarissa [Explains It All] only made it to 65, which no one can believe, but on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, we did 163, not including the animated series and the movies. This is the goal when you get a series. You say, 'I just want to get to 100 episodes,' because that's a huge mile marker and I was really lucky to reach it again this time."

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Wednesday's episode opens with Mel (Hart) and Joe (Joey Lawrence) getting the disappointing results that their pregnancy test is negative. But despite the disheartening news, hilarity ensues as the couple fits getting it on in within their hectic schedules.

"I love that our writers took a real conversation people are having about fertility and how it's not always as easy as you think to get pregnant and the emotional roller coaster when people are trying to get pregnant, and they made it funny," Hart says. "So we were able to hit that realistic place and then layer it in with hilarious comedy."

Of course, the milestone episode is bittersweet as the network recently announced it would be the show's final season. "When we found out, we realized it was ending at the perfect time," she says. "This finale is a fun cliff-hanger and sets up the next 10 leading to the series finale, which ends on such a great note. You'll know what's happening with every character, you can see the future for every character and fan fiction can take it from there."

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Looking back at the show's 100 episodes and how far they've come, Hart says, "Melissa and Joey was a whole different beast [from my past series]. It's on cable at a time when everything is oversaturated, so for people to find the show and keep coming back, we were able to build an audience with no promotion and very little advertising. Every season, people found us, came back, and the numbers grew, which was a huge testament to the show. We wanted to give the audience something that would make them happy and I feel like we were able to accomplish that."

Melissa & Joey's 100th episode, which is also the spring finale, airs on Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC Family.

Watch a clip from the episode below: