<I>CSI: Miami</i>'s Eddie Cibrian, <I>Brothers & Sisters</i>' Rob Lowe and <I>90210</i>'s Jennie Garth CSI: Miami's Eddie Cibrian, Brothers & Sisters' Rob Lowe and 90210's Jennie Garth

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I am trying to get my hands on some scoops for next season of CSI: Miami. —  Jennifer
How about some insight into new series regular Eddie Cibrian's arrival? We haven't heard much about him lately. Cibrian's Jesse Cardoza, a transfer from Los Angeles, gets taken hostage on his very first day. During the crisis, he performs a heroic deed that requires him to take off his shirt, as heroic deeds often do. But Cardoza's first day won't come until Season 8's second episode: The Sept. 21 season premiere will flash back to 1997, when we'll learn about his past connection to Horatio.

Is there any word on a Season 4 premiere for Brothers & Sisters—  Dave
MATT: Yes, ABC (finally) set a Sept. 27 return for the Walkers. Among the storylines you can watch for this fall: Kitty and Robert are still putting on a "happily married" façade as he runs for governor, Kevin and Scotty hope for a baby, and Justin's busy pursuing his doctor dream. Guest stars include, yes, Dancing stud Gilles Marini (as Sarah's latest dalliance) and Marion Ross, reprising her role as Nora and Saul's mean mom.

Will Harry have an affair with Kelly on 90210? — H.G.
MICKEY: Not yet, according to my West Bev mole, but it's definitely part of a long-term plan. In the meantime, look for both of the senior Wilsons and Kelly to have amped-up storylines in the fall — a bold stance for a CW show with an explicit mandate to attract younger viewers. 

What's next for CSI: NY's Det. Flack, after Det. Angell's death? Will we see him grieve? Clarisse
TIM: Hey, he's a tough guy, but he's not a machine. Expect to see everyone who knew Angell to mourn her loss — and for Flack to deal with it by focusing on his work. His best tribute to her, he decides, is to be the best cop he can be.

I realize it's a long haul for a resurgence of Chuck, but please, when it comes to tidbits... Chuck me! Scott
In addition to Chuck making like Marty McFly, I can tell you that the Season 3 opener features a three-month time jump... that has less-than-satisfactory results. Now if only we could finagle our own six-month leap.

Any True Blood scoop? Rick
MICKEY: Are you as confused as I am about Maryann's endgame? What exactly is she trying to do? Well, we'll learn more Sunday, when Daphne will have quite a bit to say about who Maryann is and what it is that she's doing. I'm not saying she's right, but there's as much food for thought in her one little speech as on one of Maryann's famously overstuffed banquet tables.

Do you have any info on the upcoming season of Lie to MeKate
TIM: It turns out I may have been overly pessimistic last week when I said Cal Lightman's chances of a rekindled romance with his ex-wife, Zoe, were slim. Lie to Me's new executive producer, Shawn Ryan, says the show isn't ruling out any romantic options. "Cal Lightman is a healthy, single man spending a lot of time around Gillian [Kelli Williams] and Zoe [Jennifer Beals]," he tells the Buzz. "Temptation would certainly be understandable."

How many episodes of Eureka will play this season? And has it been renewed for a fourth season? — Lady TKD
Borrowing from the Battlestar playbook, Eureka's third season was molecularly disseminated into two discrete chunks, the first of which aired last fall and arrived on DVD last month. "Season 3.5," which consists of 10 episodes, is what you are watching now. And yes, there will be a fourth season and it will be 22 episodes — at least one of which is a musical.

What kind of scoop can you divulge about Maura Tierney's upcoming arc on Rescue Me? — Tara
MICKEY: After Tierney's ball-busting entrance on Tuesday, we'll learn that Kelly McPhee has a real thing for New York's Bravest, as she tangles with at least three firefighters. But don't worry: She cares more about what's in that briefcase than about any of the guys of 62 Truck. And with good reason: It has a very high street value.

Will Warehouse 13's Leena be featured more in the future? I find myself wanting to know more about her and how she came to be working for/with Artie. Obviously she is not simply the proprietress of a B&B. Dee
I agree; Leena (played by Genelle Williams) has something going on behind her eyes. You can count on seeing Artie's friend in at least four more episodes — including the season finale, in which she figures prominently.

I heard that NBC is now considering a second season of Kings. Is there any chance that this is true? — Andrea
MICKEY: I've been hearing a similar hope-springs-eternal rumor. I'm guessing it stems from the changing of the guard at NBC, but the crown of monarchs fluttering around my head at the moment (and my Peacock moles) tell me that it's absolutely not true. While Kings was much loved by critics and the network, its ratings were too tiny to justify a second season.

Matt's Mega Rave: We got only a faster-than-a-speeding-bullet glimpse in the Season 9 trailer unveiled at Comic-Con, but seeing Smallville's Clark survey the skyline while clad in a Matrix-y Superman ensemble gave me chills. Hopefully come Sept. 25, we'll get to see that super-guy kick some "S"!

Mickey's Mini Rant: Watching Top Chef Masters is unusally stressful. Instead of enjoying the pros' hilarious meltdowns, all I can think about is the poor slobs who have to work for them.

Tim's Micro Riff: It's either this, or buy lots of expensive clothes.

Reader Quote of the Week: "First off, if you're going to use the phrase 'per se,' use it correctly... which you didn't. Secondly, you're either single or you're not. There is no 'per se' or 'sort of' or 'so to speak' about it. There are no degrees of singlehood." (Jena H, dissecting Jon Gosselin's declaration that he is "single — per se")

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