We've put the Legacies cast to the test regarding their knowledge of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals with a few trivia games over the years, but none quite like this! When series star Danielle Rose Russell stopped by the TV Guide offices, we decided to see just how well she knew her on-screen dad, Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan).

Given that Kai Parker (Chris Wood), who much like Klaus was a fan-favorite big bad, will be coming to town later in Season 2, we thought we'd see if Russell could tell the difference between the two villains. We pulled together some of Klaus and Kai's best quips and challenged her to identify which villain the line belonged to, and to no one's surprise, she crushed it.

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Russell caught on pretty quickly that any threats involving gory violence and ripped out body parts were curtesy of her dad, while Kai was usually responsible for the sociopathic one-liners. We did think we'd stump her on the "My family called me an abomination" line, considering that's one key thing Klaus and Kai had in common, but Russell would not be duped! She walked away from this game with nearly a perfect score — if only both Klaus and Kai hadn't harbored a distinct animosity towards witches.

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Legacies airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

Additional reporting by Keisha Hatchett

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Joseph Morgan, <em>The Originals</em>Joseph Morgan, The Originals