" The paparazzi seem to have two new obsessions: Sarah Michelle Gellar, and celebrities with dogs. What begat either of 'em? No offense to Buffy at all, but it's as if they just this past week "discovered" her, or did she suddenly recover from agoraphobia? And Heigl with a dog, Paris with a dog, Duff with a dog.... Do the paps carry a spare Chihuahua in their film bag?

" Knock me over with a feather, the Hairspray movie remake/redo/reimagining is getting some 4-star raves, including from the Post. Never underestimate the power of a luminous Michelle Pfeiffer.

" Drew is the frontrunner! Ian is the fave! Don't count out Steines! I grow more and more convinced that the person who should ultimately "win" the Price Is Right gig is the overzealous publicist whose leaks helped get him there.

" Does Posh ever crack a smile? Sexy gal, but... ever? UPDATE: I have since read that Mrs. Beckham thinks she looks "dorky" when she smiles, and thus ( steadfastly) sticks to the "Posh pout."

" The Apprentice (waning reality series) + celebrity players (reality-TV's most dubious twist) = awful idea. What the show needed was to return to its Season 1/2 roots, not make it more contrived.

" I'm torn over Bionic Woman's decision to, no, not hire Isaiah, but give Jaime's (now recast) sister back her hearing. The likes of Marlee Maitlin and Weeds/Jericho hottie Shoshanna Stern have shown us how easily a deaf character can be integrated, and there obviously was a "plan" in making the sis deaf to begin with. While I had a "problem" with Mae Whitman doing a "deaf voice" in the original pilot, dropping the trait all together kinda comes off as, "Eh, we couldn't be bothered."

" OK, fine - Isaiah Washington on Bionic Woman. I think it's the best-possible comeback vehicle for him in that it's sci fi, it's a new show, it's short-term and he's playing a covert government type with a mysterious agenda. The last place IW needs to be seen right now is on, like, a real drama, where we would be hard-pressed to look past him, the actor. Heaping on a few layers of disbelief and sci-fi glitz should buffer his presence.