For those of you totaling up how many avocado toasts all your streaming subscriptions will cost (hint: probably more than cable), Hulu is making it a little easier — and slightly cheaper — to stay on top of new Disney+ premieres.

For just $12.99 per month, Hulu subscribers can now bundle Disney+ and ESPN+ with everything that's already included in a Hulu subscription. Compared to $16.96 per month ($6.99/month for Disney+, $5.99/month for basic Hulu and $4.99/month for ESPN+), the new bundle shaves off enough money to buy you popcorn for your binge-watching.

The bundle includes the ad-supported Hulu plan, but if you're already signed up for the $11.99/month ad-free Hulu, you can sign up for this bundle through Disney+ and get a credit toward the Disney bundle subscription in the amount of $5.99/month, while still keeping your existing Hulu plan. That would bring the monthly total for the three services, including the ad-free Hulu, to $18.99, just $6/month more than the original bundle.

Existing Disney+ and/or ESPN+ subscribers can also contact Disney+ for information on how to switch to the bundle.

The 20 Best Shows and Movies to Watch on Disney Plus Right Now

If you do bundle, we suggest you start with new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which is definitely Disney's best new original program on the streaming service. But don't forget to check the impressive back catalog as well, which includes all of Disney's classic films, the entire Star Wars franchise, the ever-expanding Marvel universe, and of course, every single Pixar movie that's reduced you to tears. And ESPN+ offers live sports and ESPN originals, including the wonderful 30 for 30 catalog.

Head here to sign up for the bundle.

Carl Weathers, <em>The Mandalorian</em>Carl Weathers, The Mandalorian