TV's latest hot priest (in training) is Evil's David Acosta (Mike Colter), whose chemistry with forensic psychologist Kristen Bouchard (Katja Herbers) has almost crossed the line a few times during the CBS drama's first season. Between a kiss in Kristen's dreams and that drugged-up slow dance, the coworkers' attraction to each other is clear — but will they be, in the words of Kristen's friend Mira (Kristen Connolly), "Fleabagging it" anytime soon? TV Guide caught up with the cast at the Television Critics Association winter press tour to get their thoughts on whether David and Kristen's Mulder-and-Scully dynamic could — or should — turn romantic.

"I think we could continue talking to each other and be attracted to each other for multiple seasons without actually doing the deed," said Katja Herbers. Both she and Mike Colter emphasized that for David and Kristen, the thrill of the debate is key to their relationship.

"If David were allowed to talk in his room on the phone, I think he'd probably call her," said Colter, "and if she wasn't busy they would just talk on the phone all night and debate about something from the case."

"There's both a sexual attraction, but also very much an intellectual attraction, which I think makes it all the more sexy," Herbers summarized.

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But their co-stars had mixed opinions on what should come of David and Kristen's attraction. Aasif Mandvi, who plays Ben, said he hopes their arc doesn't go to the "obvious place" and follow the Mulder-and-Scully model too closely. (The X-Files partners eventually became a couple, though it took seven seasons.) "I think [series creators Robert and Michelle King] are going to hopefully create more complexity in their relationship," Mandvi said.

Kurt Fuller, who plays Kristen's therapist, added that while his character would not be on board with the romance, he would love it as a viewer. "However, not so early," Fuller cautioned, "because when you get together too early, people lose interest."

While the show might keep fans waiting, Colter pointed out that at least Evil loves to get surreal.

"We always have the dream, right?" he said. "There's always dreams."

Evil's Season 1 finale airs Thursday, Jan. 30 at 10/9c on CBS.

Mike Colter and Katja Herbers, <em>Evil</em>Mike Colter and Katja Herbers, Evil