We don't know if you've heard this, but there's a lot of TV on these days — and a lot of it is actually really good! As this decade comes to a close, TV Guide is celebrating everything that made the past 10 years of TV so memorable. But now we want to know: How much do you actually remember?

In order to test your knowledge of the biggest TV moments and shows of the 2010s, TV Guide has created three trivia quizzes (ranked easy, medium, and hard). You can either take them all, seeing how well you do as the difficulty levels ramp up, or you can jump right to the quiz that feels more your speed. However you choose to take them, be prepared to rack your brain to recall how some of the most memorable moments of the past decade of TV went down. Good luck. You'll need it.

Best TV of the Decade: The Shows, Moments, and Trends That Defined the 2010s

Difficulty Level: Easy

Let's start off simple, with our first quiz featuring some of the easier questions covering the big TV moments of the past 10 years, including ones about The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Bachelorette, and Scandal — you know, the shows that people talked about so much you might know the answers to the questions even if you never watched an episode.

Difficulty Level: Medium

If you found our easy quiz to be a breeze or you just wanted to skip right ahead to challenging yourself a bit more, you can check out this slightly more difficult quiz, featuring head-scratchers about Atlanta, The Good Wife, Vanderpump Rules, and even the gone-but-never-forgotten E! reality show Pretty Wild. If you watched the shows included in this quiz, it will probably be pretty simple to pass. But if you didn't... well, you might have a few stumbles ahead.

Difficulty Level: Hard

And finally, the toughest quiz in the bunch. This one features questions designed to test your memory of Justified, Penny Dreadful, Parks and Recreation, The Vampire Diaries, Power, and so many other shows that got us through this decade. Even die-hard fans of these shows might find themselves tripped up by some of these questions, so see if you have what it takes to ace our most intense 2010s TV trivia quiz!