We've been waiting for this moment all summer, and it's finally here!

Zingbot made their grand entrance into the Big Brother 20 house and (as usual) they did not hold back. The Hive, in particular, has given Zingbot a lot of material to draw from this season with their ongoing parade of boneheaded decisions. Although we are a little disappointed Kaitlyn and Rockstar aren't around anymore because this truly does feel like a massive missed opportunity.

While any Big Brother fan could have told you that Zingbot would go in on the houseguests when they showed up, the actual houseguests seemed fairly ill-prepared for the zings coming their way (particularly Sam). Ahead of the season, TV Guide asked everyone entering the house what they expected Zingbot to zing them on, and most of the answers were shockingly tame. And what's so great about this little exercise is that we really get to gain insights into the minds of the houseguests, many of whom are clearly blind to their own faults. (Just wait until you see how many think the only thing Zingbot will go after them for is flirting. Seriously. It's absurd).

See how the houseguest's predictions stacked up to the real zings below!

Her prediction: "Probably flirting with everyone. Definitely. Being the girl that never gets into a showmance but gets really damn close to it."
Zingbot's zing: "People say robots are heartless, emotionless and soulless. Did I say robots? I meant Angela!"

His prediction: "He's probably going to say I got a perm, which I didn't get a perm. And he's probably going to say that I said I wouldn't get in a showmance and I did."
Zingbot's zing: "'Welcome to Big Brother Burger. Maybe I take your order?' Yes, I'd like something extra greasy, burnt to a crisp with a side of zits. 'Sounds like you want the Tyler!"'

His prediction: "There are so many things to go at. He's going to go at the voice, the lack of romantic history — literally anything he could aim for. If I don't say it about myself first, he'll take the shot."
Zingbot's zing: "Haleigh, I have a question for you! What do you call someone who is blonde, blue-eyed and has a crush on Brett? Scottie!"

Her prediction: "That I'm amazing. 'Kaycee, you're perfect!' No, no, no. Probably me being super social and maybe flirty."
Zingbot's zing: "Kaycee, you have all the Big Brother viewers shouting, 'Let's go.... to another channel!'"

His prediction: "I think it's just going to destroy me with my height. I cannot wait to hear what he has to say."
Zingbot's zing: "JC, the only thing thicker than your accent is your back hair."

Her prediction: "I hope he has nothing to even zing me about." [Editor's note: The hubris of this statement is truly awe inspiring.]
Zingbot's zing: "Haleigh, you were so good reading Hamlet, but the real Shakespearean tragedy was your HOH reign."

His prediction: "Probably the use of my hairspray and ... me always fixing my hair with my hairspray or just that obsession I have."
Zingbot's zing: "Fessy, I was surprised to learn you're a part-time teacher considering you're a full-time moron! Every child left behind!"

His prediction: "Just to give you a little context and background, I was crowned class flirt in high school. So I think Zingbot's going to come after me for that in some way, one form or another."
Zingbot's zing: "Brett, you always seem so fresh and clean, which makes sense because you're a giant douche!"

Her prediction: "Probably my maniacal laugh. My dance moves are not the best but I think they are. Maybe my naïve kind of mentality ... I just said I'm a happy-go-lucky kind of girl so that might be a weakness that Zingbot might pick on."
Zingbot's zing: "Sam, you love to tell everyone how real you are. You are real, real f***ing crazy!"

If you've been watching the feeds, you probably know why all the houseguests immediately hid after Zingbot let that brutal zing out.

Additional reporting by Megan Vick.

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