After starting out the game as a lonely robot, Sam Bledsoe has officially left the Big Brother 20 house as a betrayed human.

After trying to self-evict multiple times throughout the summer, Sam was sent packing during Wednesday's special eviction episode after her Final 2 ally Tyler Crispen conspired to send her home. What Sam didn't know, of course, is that Tyler has several Final 2s in the house and has been part of the secret Level 6 alliance with Kaycee Clark and Angela Rummans since the very beginning.

Sam had previously threatened to "rip these bitches to shreds" if she found out that she had been duped and made to look "like a dumbass," so fans were understandably curious to see how she'd react after being unanimously evicted this week. But Sam has nothing but positive things to say about her experience in the Big Brother house... for the most part, at least.

TV Guide talked to Sam about how she feels about Tyler's betrayal, whether she was prepared for the rigors of the BB house and how starting off as a robot set the tone for her game.

Sam Bledsoe, <em>Big Brother 20</em>Sam Bledsoe, Big Brother 20

You said you'd be extremely upset if you got evicted and were made to look like a fool. Who are you the most upset with now?
Myself, because I ignored my instinct a couple weeks ago when I started to feel that Tyler had shifted.

Why do you think Tyler didn't do more to follow through on your Final 2 deal?
Because Angela has abs and they are both really tan.

Did you ever consider outing Tyler's Power App and his superfan status?
Honestly, I thought he was lying about the Power App so no, I never intended on outing him because I thought that it was just a ploy. I thought it was a trap.

Big Brother 20: Sam Threatens to Destroy House and Self-Evict on Live Feeds

If you won the last HOH, who would you have brought with you to Final 2?

How did the experience of actually playing Big Brother prepare to what you had expected?
I had no idea what to expect. That pretty much sums it up. I could have never dreamed that it would have inspired me in such a positive direction. My life will never be the same and I feel that as though it was meant to happen.

How do you think starting off this game as a robot set the tone of your gameplay and your relationships with the other houseguests?
I think everyone was scared of me and second-guessed and doubted my honesty. I think it sort of stayed that way. They were all constantly speculating what secrets I might keep when in reality I was the only person who was 100 percent honest from day one until now.

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