Mark put up a good fight, but now his watch has ended. This season's biggest flip-flopper was evicted from the Big Brother 19 house on Thursday.

This came as no surprise to the self-proclaimed teddy bear, who saw his former allies Jessica, Cody and Elena all get evicted prior to his own exit. However, Mark fought harder than any of them to try and turn the tides back in his favor. He proposed an alliance to Alex and Jason which would have given them a great chance at stream rolling Matt, Raven, Christmas and Josh, easily raising their chances at making it to the Final 5.

Ultimately, Alex and Jason did give Mark their votes to stay, but that wasn't enough to keep him in the house.

TV Guide spoke with Mark about whether the remaining houseguests truly are sheep, his relationship with Elena and whether Josh has ruined meatballs for him forever.

Was the relationship between you and Elena genuine or do you think Elena was using you for the game?
I definitely don't think she was using me for the game because she told me how much she didn't want a showmance. She tried to push me away in the house. Our feelings were genuine. I definitely like her and care about her, and think she feels the same.

Why do you think Alex and Jason were afraid to use you as an ally and start turning on the house?
Because they understand how strong of competitors they are, but it's about numbers. If Josh or Paul win HOH, they'll have to watch their backs, and same for Matt and Raven. If they kept me, they could have been a target. I should have had a closer relationship earlier on... Alex even told me I was a big threat in the game, so from that perspective I understand why they got rid of me.

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What will it take for the house to turn on each other?
The whole house is so weird to me. I don't know who will turn on anybody. Matt and Raven are under the radar, and the others are very close. Elena and I had to leave the house and now it's going to be a freefall. I'm interested to see how the rest of the summer is going to finish.

Do you think most of the houseguests remaining are sheep?
Yes. Paul has even turned into that. It's good for his game to lay low. I think he threw that last HOH. As a Big Brother fan, I hate it. It's people following each other, the unanimous votes are ridiculous. It's all about playing safe instead of turning into a target the next week. The house is absolutely full of sheep.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Mark: It's just fun and games. It's love. Josh is a good guy, I don't mind it at all. Meatballs grew on me, that stupid song grew on me. I love it.

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