Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? We're here to help! Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of March 27-April 2.

Hey folks, now that we're all stuck at home, it's our duty to push Netflix to its limits during this quarantine. Everyone get on Netflix and watch EVERYTHING. Never stop, just hit play next episode like your life depends on it. Let's show them what we can do and break their servers so that the occasional outages that have been happening in recent weeks don't occur again when COVID-20 comes around and grinds everything to a halt later this year. Go team!

All titles debuted on Friday, March 27 unless otherwise noted. Here's what came out on Netflix last week.

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The Biggest Releases

Ozark, Season 3
Maybe right now isn't the best time for an anxiety-producing thriller about desperate people who will do anything to survive. Or maybe it's the perfect time for that very same reason, because at least you're not Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman). Marty, still totally screwed because he's in a devil's pact with the cartel to launder their money, hits Season 3 running with a new plan: run a riverboat casino with Ruth (Julia Garner) managing operations. Season 1 was a competent ape of Breaking Bad with much rougher edges, and Season 2 was mostly just the rough edges. But Season 3 feels like an improvement and somewhere in the middle. Still, it's TV's current reigning champ of OH SH-- television.

The Iliza Shlesinger Sketch Show, Season 1
Comedian Iliza Shlesinger gets her turn as the host of her own Netflix sketch show, adding her own raw, female POV to the ever-growing mountain of two-minute skits. It's more general and not as focused as other recent sketch shows, like Astronomy Club, but it's just here to make you laugh. The first episode has a few gems, like Female Jackass, in which the idiotic physical stunts of Johnny Knoxville are tweaked for women, like when one goes to her ex's unannounced and endures unnecessary emotional pain, or the ad for the Mom Alert app, in which users are notified of irrelevant danger around the globe. "I was all set to go on my honeymoon in Italy, then Mom Alerts told me about my cousin being robbed in Toronto one time. I dodged that bullet," Shlesinger says. It's good low-risk, low-commitment comedy. (Trailer / Wednesday, April 1)

The Best Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in March

Everything Else

Insecure executive producer Prentice Penny penned and directed this dramedy film about the battle between a father and son in the world of food, and Penny brings his own spice to the genre. Mamoudou Athie stars as the son, who aspires to become a master sommelier, while his father (Courtney B. Vance) wants him to take over the family BBQ stand. It's got a great voice and is far from any other wine movies you've seen in the very best ways. It could be a sleeper hit.

Nailed It, Season 4
Nicole Byer is back to encourage failure in this popular baking show in which regular people try to re-create extravagant cakes and the like. (Trailer / Wednesday, April 1)

Car Masters: Rust to Riches, Season 2
Some totally bad dudes and one bad gal rescue trashed cars and turn them into colorful full-sized Hot Wheels that cost way too much money. (Trailer)

The Decline
There's little info about this movie out of Quebec except that it's about an accident at a remote survivalist camp that leaves its group fighting for their lives, so I'm guessing it's a slapstick comedy. (No trailer)

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon
The How to Train Your Dragon dragons are done training and ready to hunt for a golden dragon and a TV show title with fewer colons in it. (Trailer)

Il processo, Season 1
In this Italian series, a teen is murdered and it causes problems for lots of people... especially the teen! (Trailer)

In this Indian film, a guy wants to become an actor and date this attractive woman, but his mom wants him to become a baker and never leave the house! Hopefully he'll just date the cute coffee table book author instead so everyone can be happy. I mean, I've only seen the trailer but I'm pretty sure that's the entire movie. (Trailer)

True: Wuzzle Wegg Day
Rainbow City is under attack by a Wegg-stealing monster, and frankly, I'm not surprised. I've warned you several times that Rainbow City was much too dangerous to go to. (Trailer)

David Batra: Elefanten I Rummet
Swedish comedian David Batra tells jokes in Swedish, making this a great time to see if a stand-up special is still funny if you have to read subtitles. (Trailer / Wednesday, April 1)

How to Fix a Drug Scandal, Season 1
I mean, it's right there in the title, but I guess I'll repeat it here. This investigative docuseries examines a 2013 case in which chemists tried to tamper with evidence in a drug scandal. It sounds like they did a bad! (Trailer / Wednesday, April 1)

Sunderland 'Til I Die, Season 2
Oy, hit the pitch and kick a football, mate, in this documentary that follows Sunderland A.F.C. through its 2018-2019 season. Or just look up how they did on Wikipedia, I don't care. (Trailer / Wednesday, April 1)

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