Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of June 21-27.

This week's batch of new Netflix releases is, unfortunately, pretty butt. There's really only one new show worth watching, and it's going to turn a lot of people off because it's in German. There are only four English-language shows out this week, three of which are reality shows, and the other is a multi-camera comedy. While we love foreign options, most of them look pretty weird. Thankfully the week is saved because of one of 2018's best films is getting released on Netflix! Otherwise, this week is best used catching up on things that have backed up in your queue or watching The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience again.

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(All titles are out Friday, June 21, unless otherwise specified.)

The Biggest Releases

Dark, Season 2
This German series is one of Netflix's best foreign originals, but trying to explain it to someone is like trying to explain what the color yellow is. I'll try though! Some German teens go into the forest, and then some go missing and there's some time travel and maybe someone from the future is going back in time to try to stop bad things from happening. It's confusing, but also very well done. You should definitely watch it, and that's an official TV Guide recommendation.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Oh HELL YEAH. The Oscar winner for Best Animated Film finally comes home for cheap-ass shut-ins like me who refuse to go outside or pay for movies. (Trailer / Thursday, June 26)

Everything Else

Girls Incarcerated, Season 2
You know what this show is about? Girls who are incarcerated. I love literal titles. Just tell me all I need to know right there in the title! No need to get cute. Anyhoo, this reality show is about teen girls in jail, which I think we already covered.

The Casketeers, Season 2
This reality show follows Maori funeral directors as they use humor to cope with the fact that they are surrounded by dead bodies. Just like the summer camp I went to. (Trailer)

The Confession Tapes, Season 2
If your favorite part of true crime shows is the grainy footage of cops bullying suspects into making false confessions, then gorge on this. This is also good training for anyone about to go into an interrogation room with a bunch of cops for a crime they did or didn't commit! I hope the police station you're in has wi-fi! (Trailer)

Mr. Iglesias, Season 1
Comedian Gabriel Iglesias plays a history teacher who just wants his kids to learn in this multi-camera comedy. The kids seem to like him, which is nice, because he's a "cool" teacher. They laugh at his jokes about wigged presidents and William Wallace, but will you? Tune in to find out! (Trailer)

Ad Vitam, Season 1
This French sci-fi series won a few awards back home, and posits a future in which science is on the cusp of immortality and people are living decades past the century mark. So of course what do the kids start doing? They start killing themselves! Kids these days, never satisfied with what the older generations do for them. (Trailer)

Bolívar, Season 1
Netflix looked through the list of historical figures who have not yet received their own biopic TV series and greenlit this telenovela-style show about Venezuelan general Simon Bolívar. (Trailer)

GO! Live Your Way, Season 2
Good-looking teens, including one who uses hair braids as a headband, dance their butts off at an elite arts school in this Spanish high school series. Seriously, this girl never takes the braids out. Does she live at Coachella? Someone watch this and tell me if she ever takes it down. I thought these types of hair gymnastics were a one-time thing. (Trailer)

Jaoon Kahan Bata Ae Dil
This Indian film looks at modern relationships, specifically through the eyes of a couple who bicker and break up with each other like 10 times in a day but then get back together because both of them know they can't do any better. Ahhh, romance! (Trailer)

La Misma Sangre
When a woman dies under mysterious circumstances, it's obviously her husband who did it! But getting to that conclusion is what this Spanish-language movie is all about. (Trailer)

Forest of Piano, Season 2
The best anime out there about a young pianist who plays a magical piano that was left in the forest returns! (Monday, June 24 / Trailer)

Mike Epps: Only One Mike
Mike Epps can be a pretty funny guy, so here he is on stage trying to be funny. Let's hope he doesn't bring a live kangaroo out this time. (Tuesday, June 25 / Trailer)

Answer for Heaven, Season 1
I'll let the logline for this Thai series speak for itself: "An angel falls to earth to investigate why humans are doing fewer good deeds — and falls in with a hard-charging crime reporter and his news team." What the actual f---? (Thursday, June 26 / Trailer)

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