The studio behind Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is taking on Hungry Ghosts, the acclaimed graphic novel from the late Anthony Bourdain and writer Joel Rose.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures Animation is adapting the graphic novel into a horror anthology of "frightening, hilarious, twisted, and culinary-inspired ghost stories." Channeling the eclectic visual style of Hungry Ghosts, which featured different artists, each episode will "range in tone and will look completely different from the last, taking advantage of various forms of animation to best fit each story."

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The story centers on a Russian oligarch who challenges a group of chefs to play his version of 100 Candles, a classic Japanese parlor game in which participants take turns telling frightening tales of ghosts and demons. The four-part series reimagines those vintage stories with a culinary twist and includes recipes from Bourdain inspired by each installment.

Hungry Ghosts is the latest in Sony's push to expand its ever-growing slate. Other projects in the works include a reimagining of The Boondocks and Superbago, a half-hour comedy that combines claymation with live action as two animated heroes travel the country in a real Winnebago.

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