Is your wallet ready for this? Amazon is once again getting ready to roll out its yearly Prime Day, one day of insane deals available only for Amazon Prime members. It's basically like Black Friday, but in the middle of July, and way more exclusive.

Historically, Amazon has slashed prices on just about everything they sell, from electronics, to clothing, movies, games, furniture — you name it. If you can buy it through Amazon, it's going to be on-sale during Prime Day. However, the only caveat is that not all sales last for the entire day, as some are only available for a window of a few hours, while others are only on-sale until all items have been sold.

Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best deals on TVs and media streamers

While the official Prime Day date is still TBD, here's what you need to know so you're ready for the once-a-year shopping event.

What is Prime Day?
As Amazon writes on its Prime Day landing page: "Prime Day is Amazon's biggest, global shopping event exclusively for Prime members." It's deals, deals, deals, as far as the eye can see.

When is Prime Day?
Prime Day will supposedly take place sometime in July, but an official date has not been set. Prime Day 2018 took place on July 16, and Prime Day 2017 was July 11. We can assume that Prime Day 2019 will fall somewhere in that time frame.

How can I shop Prime Day?
The most important thing you need for Prime Day? An Amazon Prime subscription. If you need one, you can sign up for one right here.

What deals will be available on Prime Day?
Actual products won't be revealed until closer to Prime Day, but last year major bargains were spotted on Instant Pots (which was the #1 item in the United States), Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote, and the Echo Dot. There may also be deals on Prime Video subscriptions. CNET has the comprehensive Prime Day lists of TVs, media players and other electronics, but Prime Day offers discounts on all kinds of goods that make watching enjoyable.

Here's some of the best stuff:

- Happening now
In the lead-up to Prime Day, Amazon is offering rentals of Marvel hits including Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Iron Man 3, Blank Panther, Avengers: Infinity War and more for just $1.99.

- On sale July 8
Have you been waiting to snag a FireTV stick? Now's the time as Amazon is offering a deal on not only the stick, but two months of a select channel at a discounted bundle price.

- On Sale July 15
For July 15th only, men and women's fashion items are up to 50 percent off, which means you can get new suits or new underwear for lounging around while watching Suits. Purchase of some select TVs gets you a free soundbar, and be sure to look for accessories like Pioneer noise canceling headphones for watching shows on the go too. And don't forget the home goods: Prime Day offers good discounts on stuff to make your watch pad place comfy like these huggable pillows.

During Prime Day, select movies and TV shows will be 20% off. Know how all of your favorite shows are suddenly leaving their long-time home — ahem, Friends and The Office on Netflix? If you use this time to actually physically purchase the shows you never have to worry about finding them on streaming! Throughout the day new and limited deals will be popping up on movies and TV series, too. Amazon will also run deals on new releases to rent or buy throughout the end of the month.

- On Sale July 15-16
Thinking about adding on subscriptions like HBO, Showtime, or CBS All Access? Now's the perfect time to do it because for one day, when you sign up for a new Prime Video Channel subscription the first three months will be 50%! That's more than enough time to watch all ofGame of Thrones.

Is there anything not on sale on Prime Day?
Some sales will last for all of Prime Day, so no matter what time you sign on you can shop for what you want. Some sales will be "flash sales," where they'll only be available for a small window of time, or until the product sells out. If there's an item you want, you can add it ahead of time to your watchlist and be notified when it goes on sale.

Will there be deals on Prime Video, Amazon Music, and Kindle products?
Yes! Prime Members will be able to snag deals on television shows to download, subscription services, and also heavily discounted Kindle reads.

What about other deals?
In an effort to compete with Prime Day, in the past big retailers like Best Buy, Target, and eBay have all rolled out their own deals during Prime Day. We won't know what (let alone who will be offering) those deals until we're closer to the day.

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