Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten, Dancing with the Stars' requisite showmance this season, took their relationship to another level during Country Week, and honestly? It felt pretty forced. The horseback riding date that the hot, young dance partners went on was straight out of The Bachelor, with the unconvincing emotions to match.

Last week, Alexis opened up about her growing crush on Alan, but Alan was noncommittal when she told him how she felt. But this week, they sat on a fence at a horse farm and Alan told Alexis that he was afraid he'd mess up all the dancing success they'd worked so hard to achieve. That being said, he's never had an experience like this, and admitted that he has feelings for her, too. "I really feel that I'm falling for you," he said, and they had their first kiss. I've seen this exact date play out on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette a dozen times, even down to the music cues. It was as if Elan Gale directed the scene, and when he called "cut" he was like, "I'm gonna need a little bit more from you guys" and they didn't deliver.

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The difference between this and The Bachelor? When they kiss on The Bachelor, they go for it. Full-on making out. What they used to call snogging in England, and maybe they still do, I don't know. Rensten just did a chaste little peck. She adjusted his hat, he caressed her face, and then boop! Listen. You and I both know that's not how people who have been pining after each other for months kiss. I wanna see some passion!

But they have chemistry on the dance floor, which is where it matters. They line danced their way to a 29/30 from the judges.

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Alan Bersten and Alexis Ren, <em>Dancing with the Stars</em>Alan Bersten and Alexis Ren, Dancing with the Stars