Aladdin discovers Genie buried in the Cave of Wonders. But how'd he get there in the first place?

Disney will be answering that question in an upcoming live-action prequel, titled Genies. The studio is currently developing the movie with Damian Shannon, Mark Swift, and Tripp Vinson, The Hollywood Reporter announced Wednesday.

Aladdin, which was released in 1992, became a huge hit and ended up scoring two Oscars that year, for Best Song and Best Original Score. It also spawned an animated kids' show, multiple direct-to-TV movies, and a wildly successful Broadway theatrical show.

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The prequel will explore the world of genies, and reveal how Genie ended up trapped in a lamp in a hidden magical cave. The Hollywood Reporter says the idea is to ultimately make a live-action remake of Aladdin itself.

The movie is still in early pre-production, so no casting announcements have been made. But the big question, of course, is who will play Genie, who was notably voiced by the late Robin Williams in the animated version.

Who do you think should play Genie? Is Disney wrong to mess with such a significant part of Williams' legacy?

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