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  • American Pickers

    Rare Restoration (Season 17 | Episode 40)

    8:00PM | HIST

    Mike and Frank find some diamonds in the rough and get them polished up and restored to their former glory.

  • Beachfront Bargain Hunt

    Atlantic Beach Surprise

    8:00PM | HGTV

    After years of talking about buying a coastal retreat together, two wives surprise their husbands with a weekend of beachfront bargain hunting for a home under $350,000.

  • Big Brother: Celebrity Edition

    Season 1, Episode 13 (Season 1 | Episode 13)

    8:00PM | CBS

    The winner is revealed.

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  • Counterpart

    Act Like You've Been Here Before (Season 1 | Episode 6)

    8:00PM | STARZ

    Aldrich questions a not-too recent death in the office; and Emily, Howard and Shaw follow a lead.

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  • Fast N' Loud

    Aaron Shifts Gears

    8:00PM | DSC

    Aaron builds a turbo-charged EcoBoost '72 Ford Pantera but keeps running into problems. As a result, Richard brings a different car to auction. Aaron and Richard make a high-stakes bet but unexpected problems rock Aaron's confidence in winning the bet.

  • Food Paradise

    Rise and Dine (Season 13 | Episode 12)

    8:00PM | TRAVEL

    Breakfasts across the country are featured. Included: fantastical French toast; flannel-busting flapjacks; a big city egg sandwich; and Sicilian omelets.

  • Guy's Grocery Games

    Frozen Food Fight (Season 16 | Episode 12)

    8:00PM | FOOD

    Guy puts four chefs through three rounds of shopping and cooking from the frozen foods section. First, he asks for a meat and potatoes dish. In round two, he asks them to make their best lobster dish but throws them off with an ice block challenge. The remaining chefs must then make an international dinner by bowling for ingredients with a frozen turkey.

  • Olympics 2018 Prime Time: Closing Ceremony

    Closing Ceremony

    8:00PM | NBC

    The closing ceremony from PyeongChang Olympic Stadium includes the unified entrance of the athletes and the handing over of the Olympic flag to the mayor of Beijing, site of the 2022 Winter Games. Terry Gannon hosts with Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.

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  • Our Cartoon President

    Family Leave (Season 1 | Episode 4)

    8:00PM | SHO

    The President tries to win back Ivanka Trump by supporting her progressive Paid Family Leave initiative, a move that sends his most loyal morning show co-host into an existential crisis.

  • Sister Wives

    Risking Arrest (Season 9 | Episode 7)

    8:00PM | TLC

    The Browns are distraught that the Utah legislature is voting to strengthen the laws against polygamy. Friends are planning a protest march, but if the Browns go back to Utah they could be arrested.

  • Storage Wars: Best of Barry

    Part #2

    8:00PM | A&E

    Conclusion. Barry's best-of moments include his going to an auction incognito and being accompanied by a butler. Also: He dresses like a hobo while bidding like a pro; and gambles on a unit with a stinky mattress.

  • The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

    The Women Tell All

    8:00PM | ABC

    Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s search for love has taken him from L.A. to Peru. Along the way there have been highs and lows—and Krystal, one of the most controversial bachelorettes of the group. Eighteen of the season's women tell their side of the story and how difficult it was to date a Bachelor who was falling for multiple women. Krystal attempts to defend her behavior, but a never-seen clip from the bowling alley date reveals her calling out the women and Arie with shocking words.

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  • The Real Housewives of Atlanta

    Barcelona Breakdown (Season 10 | Episode 14)

    8:00PM | BRAVO

    Porsha wreaks havoc on the streets of Barcelona, and Cynthia gets over her man problems by taking a dip in the lady pond. Things go off the rails during a heated debate. As tensions rise, the trip comes to a surprising end for one of the ladies.

  • America's Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin

    9:00PM | HIST

    A profile of Vladimir Putin chronicles his difficult childhood, his rise through the ranks of the KGB and his influence on U.S. elections as President of Russian. Included: interviews with former KGB spies; archival footage.

  • Ash vs. Evil Dead

    Family (Season 3 | Episode 1)

    9:00PM | STARZ

    Ash goes from zero to hero in Elk Grove. With evil defeated and humanity saved, there is only one thing left to do: open a hardware store. His peace is short-lived when evil returns with a target close to his heart.

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  • Caribbean Life

    Taking Care of Business in Grand Cayman (Season 10 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | HGTV

    An outdoor-loving Louisiana couple and their two children are tired of flying back and forth to Grand Cayman. Ready to leave the long commute behind, they hope to find their perfect beachfront property on the island.

  • Food Paradise

    Street Eats (Season 15 | Episode 5)

    9:00PM | TRAVEL

    Diners get down and dirty with the best street food in the country, from chicken wings that defy crispiness and pizza-topped burgers to fiery hot shrimp and fresh-from-the-sea salmon tacos.

  • Here and Now

    If a Deer Sh*ts in the Woods (Season 1 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | HBO

    Greg gets detoured in the wilderness on the way to an ethics convention; Audrey finds herself in the media crosshairs after a hate crime at school; haunted by a painful memory, Dr. Shokrani looks for unconventional help to get him through a wedding; Kristen's crush on a predator comes to an end with a hand from Ashley; Duc reveals the secret to staying in control.

  • Homeland

    Standoff (Season 7 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | SHO

    Carrie has a distressing realization; Saul negotiates; and Keane and Wellington disagree.

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  • Keeping Up With the Kardashians

    Trimester Trouble (Season 14 | Episode 18)

    9:00PM | E!

    Khloé attempts to keep her pregnancy a secret while dealing with some complications; Kourtney questions whether she's done having kids; and Kris debuts a loud new hairdo.

  • The Walking Dead

    Honor (Season 8 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | AMC

    Rick faces new difficulties after a battle. Meanwhile, the fight continues in other communities as core members face hard decisions.

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  • Victoria on Masterpiece

    Comfort and Joy (Season 2 | Episode 9)

    9:00PM | PBS

    In the Season 2 finale, Albert is intent on re-creating the Christmastime joy he remembers from his youth. Victoria has more than one surprise visitor and finds herself threatened by a relative. Meanwhile, the festive spirit sparks romantic tension throughout the palace.

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  • When Calls the Heart

    Hearts and Minds (Season 5 | Episode 3)

    9:00PM | HALMRK

    Elizabeth mentors Julie, who finds teaching more difficult than she imagined; Abigail has to find a way to convince the railroad to build its depot in Hope Valley.

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  • Worst Cooks in America

    Can You Please Pas-Ta Sauce? (Season 12 | Episode 8)

    9:00PM | FOOD

    The remaining recruits take charge during "Remote Control Chef" by tasting a dish put in front of them and describing it so Tyler and Anne can recreate it. For the main dish challenge, recruits attempt the task of making pasta from scratch with help from Italian nonnas who have years of pasta-making experience. The top recruits earn a spot in the semi-finals.

  • Caribbean Life

    Seeking Seclusion on Roatan (Season 10 | Episode 6)

    9:30PM | HGTV

    After falling in love with Roatan, Honduras during a vacation, a couple is ready to leave their hectic life behind and downsize on the Caribbean island. They hope to find a simple house with at least half an acre of land.

  • Island Life

    Brews and Views on San Juan Island, Wa

    10:00PM | HGTV

    Newlyweds are ready to leave Spokane, WA and return to his hometown on San Juan Island, WA to be near family and close to work. She wants to put his contractor skills to the test with a fixer-upper property that has water views and space for their dogs.

  • Meet the Peetes

    Back to School (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    10:00PM | HALMRK

    Holly heeds the call of mother and plans a spontaneous trip with Dolores to visit Ryan in New York City; the hunt for Dolores' long-lost half-sister begins; Rodney's school of etiquette is in session.

  • Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian

    The Excuse Queen & The Pop Star (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    10:00PM | E!

    23-year-old Nicole embarks on a life-saving journey with the help of trainer Latreal Mitchell; and Alexis hopes to set free his inner pop star with the help of Khloé, trainer Nicole Winhoffer and a team of glam stylists.

  • Shark Tank

    Episode 922 (Season 9 | Episode 24)

    10:00PM | ABC

    An energetic entrepreneur from Key Biscayne, Fla., believes he has the best men's swimwear; entrepreneurs from Alhambra, Cal., present their "better" version of a popular beauty trend; an entrepreneur from Pinecrest, Fla., pitches a solution for eating pasta without the guilt; and an entrepreneur from Kingwood, Texas, has the cure for the dreaded hangover

  • The Chi

    The Whistle (Season 1 | Episode 7)

    10:00PM | SHO

    Brandon defends a co-worker. Emmett has an eye-opening day with Quentin.

  • Divorce

    Going, Going...Gone (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    10:01PM | HBO

    Frances spots the dashing art bigwig Skip Zakarian at an auction and takes the opportunity to invite him to Sylvia MacDonald's upcoming show, where he shows interest in more than art. Meanwhile, Jackie proposes that she and Robert join forces on a house-flipping business after she's inspired by a successful sale, but he isn't completely sold on the idea.

  • Seeking Sister Wife

    Blast From the Past (Season 1 | Episode 6)

    10:03PM | TLC

    The Alldredges' world is rocked by an unexpected phone call; Ashley Snowden proposes a new potential sister wife; the Brineys get some shocking news that threatens to tear them apart.

  • Talking Dead

    Talking Dead #809 (Season 8 | Episode 3)

    10:23PM | AMC

    Guests discuss "The Walking Dead" mid-season premiere "Honor." Hosted by Chris Hardwick.

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  • A.P. Bio

    Teacher Jail (Season 1 | Episode 2)

    10:30PM | NBC

    When Jack leaves his class unattended, a student injury sets off an official investigation and lands Jack in "teacher jail." An aggressive teacher's union rep sets her sights on Principal Durbin. The students' excitement for a substitute teacher are dashed when they find out it's Helen.

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  • Island Life

    Lawyers Move to Long Beach for Active Lifestyle

    10:30PM | HGTV

    Brooklynites Val and Tyler are an active couple eager to find a way to escape the city life. They usually head to nearby Long Beach, NY to get their outdoor fix, and now they hope to move there.

  • Crashing

    NACA (Season 2 | Episode 7)

    10:32PM | HBO

    On a trip to NACA, a comedy conference to book college gigs, Pete and Ali clash over the best strategy to appeal to a younger crowd.