Tom Morris Jr.

  • Birth Name: Thomas Wright Morris Jr.
  • Birth Place: Richmond, Virginia, United States
  • Profession: Reporter


When Morris went to work for the veteran crime-stopper series America's Most Wanted, the gig combined his experience in media with his past employment in law enforcement. Originally a journalist covering national news for channels such as the Independent Network News and CNN, Morris changed his career path to work as a contract employee for the U.S. State Department's antiterrorism Embassy Task Group, and was stationed both stateside and overseas. In 1993 he joined America's Most Wanted as a segment producer and three years later made his on-air debut as a reporter, profiling — and ultimately helping capture — criminals. In addition to his America's Most Wanted duties, Morris has appeared on numerous shows, including CNN Showbiz Tonight, Fox & Friends and Entertainment Tonight, and he has contributed his opinions as a versatile host on XM Satellite Radio's popular series, The Capital Hill Blues.

Fast Facts

  • Helped form the Minority Business Resource Institute in Maryland's Prince George County.
  • Was the first person without a military or law enforcement background to join the U.S. State Department's Embassy Task Group in the fight against terrorism.  
  • In 1988, was sent to Somalia just before civil war broke out to guard the U.S. Embassy as it was being built.
  • Started working for America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back in 1993 as a segment producer and became an on-air reporter in 1996.
  • In 2008, became a host on  XM Satellite Radio's series, The Capital Hill Blues, which centered on conversations about politics and music.


  • Norfolk State University, Norfolk, Virginia, United States (BS in Mass Communications, 1980)