Rob Thomas

  • Birth Place: Sunnyside, Washington, United States
  • Profession: Writer, Producer


This former high-school journalism teacher published a number of young-adult novels before moving to Hollywood to pursue a showbiz career. He joined the writing staff of the teen drama Dawson's Creek in its first season before moving on to create the short-lived dramedy Cupid in 1998. After penning two big-screen romantic comedies and working on the quickly canceled series The Education of Max Bickford, Thomas transformed a book idea into the cult teen noir series Veronica Mars in 2004. Although Mars ended in 2007 after just three seasons, Thomas has kept busy since then with a (sadly short-lived) remake of his TV show Cupid and an original series called Party Down about would-be actors working for a catering company on the fringes of Hollywood. Making light of the fact that many of his TV shows are highly praised but swiftly canceled, Thomas jokingly claims his tombstone one day will read: "critical darling, commercial failure."

Fast Facts

  • Author of four novels and a collection of short stories.
  • Taught high-school journalism for five years.
  • Joined the writing staff of Dawson's Creek during its first season.
  • His Web site jokingly claims that he expects his tombstone to read: "critical darling, commercial failure."


  • Greta Mae Thomas — Daughter
  • Katie Orr — Wife


  • University of Texas, Austin, Texas, United States (BA, History, 1987)