The Walking Dead

The story of the years that follow after a zombie apocalypse, following a group of survivors led by a former police officer, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. As the world overrun by the dead takes its toll on the survivors, their interpersonal conflicts present a greater danger to their continuing survival than the walkers that roam the c (more…)

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Sat Feb 24 12:00am
First Time Again(Season 6, Episode 1) AMC

In the Season 6 premiere, Rick and the group continue to have trouble assimilating into Alexandria; and a new threat could bring them closer together or drive them further apart.

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Sat Feb 24 1:01am
JSS(Season 6, Episode 2) AMC

As things begin to return to normal, a new problem arises for the Alexandrians.

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Sat Feb 24 2:02am
Thank You(Season 6, Episode 3) AMC

Rick and a small group run into multiple hurdles while trying to return to Alexandria, but they might not all make it back.

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Sat Feb 24 3:03am
Here's Not Here(Season 6, Episode 4) AMC

A new face is introduced; and people question who can be trusted and who can change.

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Sat Feb 24 4:07am
Now(Season 6, Episode 5) AMC

The mood in Alexandria is quite grim after a number of setbacks, which might prove too much for the sheltered citizens inside the gates.

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Sat Feb 24 5:08am
Always Accountable(Season 6, Episode 6) AMC

Daryl, Abraham and Sasha run into multiple obstacles, including a new threat, while trying to return to Alexandria after a mission.

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Sat Feb 24 6:09am
Heads Up(Season 6, Episode 7) AMC

Alexandria is finally able to start pulling itself back together; and there's peace between the group and the Alexandrians, but no one knows how long it will last.

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Sat Feb 24 7:10am
Start to Finish(Season 6, Episode 8) AMC

After having a few moments of peace, trouble finds its way to Alexandria yet again. Only this time, the threat might be too big to defeat.

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Sat Feb 24 8:14am
No Way Out(Season 6, Episode 9) AMC

With walkers inside the gates of Alexandria, Rick and the group are scared, outnumbered and things are only getting worse.

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Sat Feb 24 9:15am
The Next World(Season 6, Episode 10) AMC

A seemingly simple scavenging run proves to be very tricky when the group isn't the only one vying for an unexpected supply goldmine.

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Sat Feb 24 10:16am
Knots Untie(Season 6, Episode 11) AMC

After Rick comes to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought, decisions must be made about where to go.

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Sat Feb 24 11:17am
Not Tomorrow Yet(Season 6, Episode 12) AMC

Rick and the group realize the only way to maintain the peace of Alexandria is to fight a new enemy. This time, though, the group might be outmatched.

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Sat Feb 24 12:18pm
Trailer for Season 8B AMC

Trailer for Season 8's final episodes.

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Sat Feb 24 12:23pm
The Same Boat(Season 6, Episode 13) AMC

After experiencing a minor success, there is a whole new set of issues when members of the group are taken and held hostage.

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Sat Feb 24 1:24pm
Twice as Far(Season 6, Episode 14) AMC

Two different groups leave Alexandria on supply runs. While both are concerned with the future of the community, immediate danger will derail them.

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Sat Feb 24 2:25pm
East(Season 6, Episode 15) AMC

Alexandria is alerted after realizing someone is missing. Several search parties will venture out, but what they find isn't what they're hoping for.

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Sat Feb 24 3:26pm
Last Day on Earth(Season 6, Episode 16) AMC

In the sixth-season finale, Rick and the group must go outside the walls to save one of their own, but what they experience on the road will change their lives forever.

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Sat Feb 24 4:59pm
The Day Will Come When You Won't Be(Season 7, Episode 1) AMC

In the seventh-season premiere, Negan's actions will haunt the surviving members of Rick's group forever.

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Sat Feb 24 6:05pm
The Well(Season 7, Episode 2) AMC

Following a number of familiar faces, the group's introduced to a new well-established community that seems too good to be true.

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Sat Feb 24 7:11pm
The Cell(Season 7, Episode 3) AMC

A completely new group of survivors living in an impressive community that seems to have it all, but for? a price, is introduced.

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Sat Feb 24 8:12pm
Service(Season 7, Episode 4) AMC

The remaining members of the core group hold together in Alexandria. Then, they receive a sobering visit.

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Sat Feb 24 9:37pm
A Look at Season 8 Final Episodes AMC

A look at Season 8's final episodes.

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Sat Feb 24 9:41pm
Go Getters(Season 7, Episode 5) AMC

Surrounded by enemies and saddled with grief, members of the group hope to find safety at the Hilltop before it's too late.

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Sat Feb 24 10:42pm
Swear(Season 7, Episode 6) AMC

A familiar face stumbles upon a brand new society. Their rules, location and setup are unlike anything that has been seen before.

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  • Premiered: October 31, 2010
  • Rating: TV-MA
  • Premise: The story of the years that follow after a zombie apocalypse, following a group of survivors led by a former police officer, who travel in search of a safe and secure home. As the world overrun by the dead takes its toll on the survivors, their interperson… (more)

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