Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Different races try to coexist peacefully in the third `Star Trek' spin-off. This one takes place on a 24th-century space station that serves as a frontier town on the edge of a wormhole that enables travelers to journey vast distances in short periods of time. The syndicated series included several characters from its predecessor, `Star Trek: The Next (more…)

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Season 6, Episode 17 Wrongs Darker than Death or Night

First Aired: April 1, 1998

When Kira learns, to her dismay, that her mother (Leslie Hope) may have been Gul Dukat's mistress, she uses the Bajoran Orb of Time to travel into the past to uncover the truth. Dukat: Marc Alaimo. Taban: Thomas Kopache. Basso: David Bowe. Legate: Wayne Grace. Halb: Tim deZarn.

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