In Season 2 of Yellowstone, it seemed like the groundwork was being laid for ranch hands Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) and Avery (Tanaya Beatty) to become more than friends, but then Avery quit the ranch and left town before their relationship moved to the next level. It was sad for fans, and for Jimmy. But Jimmy's on the rebound in Season 3. And as you can see in this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode, "An Acceptable Surrender," a new girl has the hots for goofy ol' Jimmy. 

In this clip, Jimmy is preparing for the biggest rodeo event of his life when he catches the eye of Mia (Eden Brolin, daughter of Josh Brolin). Mia tells Jimmy that she's had a crush on him since the last time she saw him ride, when he beat her brother. Jimmy, who's not used to this kind of attention from women, is tongue-tied and lovestruck, until she tells him to ask her out. It's a real meet-cute at the rodeo. 

But Jimmy isn't there to meet girls, he's there to win, and his ranch hand friends tell him to get his head back in the game. He needs to focus on the bronc at hand, because even the slightest mistake could end in disaster. And this is Yellowstone, where nobody is happy for very long, so this good moment for Jimmy could turn bad in a heartbeat. 

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