William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski

William Shatner has a new TV son: CBS has recast the young lead who will star opposite him in the fall comedy $#*! My Dad Says. But that's not the only change Shatner plans for the show, he tells TVGuide.com.

The role played by Ryan Devlin in the show's pilot will now be played by Friday the 13th star Jonathan Sandowski, Shatner confirmed Friday in an interview at Comic-Con. The recasting was first reported by Deadline TV.

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"I just met with him as he auditioned," Shatner said. "So I don't know him, but I'm looking forward to it."

The show is based on a Twitter feed and book by Justin Halpern. Shatner said that since the pilot, he's gotten in better touch with his character by reading Halpern's book, based on the sometimes bizarre things he attributes to his real-life dad. The pilot will now need to be re-shot with Sandowski.

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"I've had some time to think about the character and there's an interesting choice that has to be made," Shatner said. "I like to work from a core on a character, and that core isn't there yet." 

But it will be, he added.

"It's amusing," he said of the book. "But what comes through is the relationship with the father and son. So that relationship... I'm seeing more clearly what my character is and what my relationship should be with my son."