Update 5/24/19: Executive producer David Hemingson tweeted on Friday that ABC has officially decided to pass on a second season of Whiskey Cavalier.

The original story is below.

There've been a lot of "Save Our Show" campaigns to pop up in recent years, but who would've guessed that the outpouring of support for a freshman series could pay off?

ABC is reportedly reconsidering its decision to cancel Whiskey Cavalier, according to TV Line, after an outpouring of support for the show followed the news that it would not receive a second season. Series star Scott Foley has been particularly active in motivating the show's nascent fanbase online, and it looks like that digital noise has at least gotten the attention of the network.

Foley first announced the news in an Instagram video on May 12 and wrote, "Thanks to all who watched and enjoyed and believed in our show."

The action-oriented dramedy stars Foley alongside Lauren Cohan as, respectively, an FBI agent and CIA operative who have to suppress their personal chemistry to lead an inter-agency group of spies. The show marked the actors' first TV roles since starring in Scandal and The Walking Dead, respectively. The series was not massively successful in his live audience rating but did perform well in delayed viewing.

The good news for fans of Whiskey Cavalier is that no matter what happens, executive producer Bill Lawrence has promised to offer fans at least some sense of closure if Season 2 does not come to fruition. In a tweet on Wednesday, he wrote, "Look, if there isn't a Season 2 [creator David Hemingson] and I will tell you what happened AND show you the kiss. Deal?"

However, Lawrence also said he is still hopeful that the #SaveWhiskeyCavalier effort will pay off in the end. We'll see!

Representatives for ABC did not immediately respond to a request for comment.