Time: Friday, Jan. 12 at 8/7c
Channel: NBC
Stream Online: Hulu, NBC App, or fuboTV(Try for free)

"I killed your daughter." Those aren't exactly words that fans of Blindspot wanted to leave off on before the show went on winter break, but Weller's (Sullivan Stapleton) confession to Jane (Jaimie Alexander) that her daughter isn't only dead, but that he was the one who made her dead have left us all wondering, "WHAT?"

Fortunately, we'll get our answers soon as Blindspot returns to begin the second half of its third season on Friday, Jan. 12. Obviously you can catch Blindspot's return on its home base of NBC, but if you can't make it to the television there's always Hulu or NBC's app, as well as fuboTV, which carries NBC's programming.

The return of Blindspot will also be the first chapter of the show's main storyline for the rest of the season: stopping Crawford (David Morse), who was revealed to be the season's big villain. In fact, he's such a big villain that Roman (Luke Mitchell) is using the FBI to take him down. (See? He's not such a bad guy!) The questions are, will they each be able to handle what they need to take down the world's most powerful man, and why does Roman want to get him so badly?

"All I'll say is Hank Crawford is a very evil man who runs a very evil corporation, and it has some personal relevance to Roman," creator Martin Gero told TV Guide. "And I've already said too much."