There's no getting around it: we love us some Vivica A. Fox. 

As a familiar face in Hollywood for decades, Vivica is one of those actors and media mainstays so ubiquitous it might be easy to take her for granted; she's been a presence since the late '80s, hitting her stride in the '90s with memorable roles in flicks like Independence Day and Set It Off, plus shows including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Martinand many more. Of course, by the 2000s, Vivica had achieved near pop culture immortality, sealing her status as a reliable go-to for action (Kill Bill), comedy (Curb Your Enthusiasm), and drama (Empire) — not to mention being one of everybody's favorite aunties, unafraid to tell it exactly like it is with love and laughter. 

With her dozens of credits, roles and projects, Vivica is the definition of a hustler, and the art of the hustle is something she talks in depth about in her new podcast Hustling With Vivica A. Fox. It's a no-holds-barred, often raucous, and real run-down of how to stay in your bag, with famous friends stopping by to chat and spill tea. On the cusp of its launch, TV Guide caught up with the always-moving actor and entrepreneur to play a little game: "Who Said It: Vivica or Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?" to look back on her many standout moments and hear Vivica keep it real like only she can. Check it out above. 

Vivica A. Fox, Janet HubertVivica A. Fox, Janet Hubert