Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) hasn't been seen on Vikings in almost a month, and it looks like we'll finally find out why this week. TV Guide has your exclusive first look at the shieldmaiden's return in Wednesday's episode, and based on these photos it's pretty obvious that Lagertha's time away hasn't been easy on her.

The former Queen of Kattegatt is nearly unrecognizable in the images, with her gray hair matted and cropped to the shoulders. She's covered in cuts and the deep bags under her eyes hint that something's been keeping her up at night. Lagertha's body language is also a stark contrast to what we're used to. Instead of the poise she typically carries herself with, Lagertha appears tense, curling up as though she would like nothing more than to disappear.

The last time we saw Lagertha, it was while she watched Heahmund (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) die on the battlefield. Is it grief that has driven her to this... or something more?

Vikings airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on History.

Check out more photos of Lagertha below!